Valentines day recap and Love song playlist!

I dont know about you, but I had a WONDERFUL Valentines day, even though we didnt do anything super out of the ordinary. My darling Mike surprised me at work with a bouquet of purple and yellow daisies, with a little love note. It made me all tear-y eyed :D

My Lovely Flowers and Card

One of the flowers broke off, so it found a new home in my little fish bowl (sans fish)

I also got in all of my Valentines from the Swap, but i'll post some pics of those later.


Gloomy days and Valentines

Sweet Shot Day
I took this at 8:30 this morning. Its certainly gloomy here.
 It has been a gloomy day here in Florida. It started out warm, but windy, and now its raining on and off and getting chilly ( I know, here I am complaining about a little rain when the rest of the country is covered with snow. I am so spoiled by our "tropical" weather!). Now I'm a little mad at myself for not grabbing a jacket this morning because it "felt warm" outside. I swear I'll never learn.

What stinks the most is that I had planned to take some neat pictures of my Valentines that I've made for the Swap, but thanks to the windy-rainy-ness I can. So you may have to settle for some slightly mediocre "I-took-these-at-my-desk-at-work" pics. We'll see if it clears up a little later.

Im actually super happy with how they've turned out. I've never really done much with paper crafts or scrapbooking, but I think these have ended up pretty darn cute, and they reflect a lot of my personality. I cant wait to get the ones from the other girls as well!!

My agenda for today is to finish up some curtains I hemmed for my niece whos coming to live here in the FL, and to finish up some hair clippy products that I had put on hold to work on the Valentines.

Also, some Flylady related news! I am still shining my sink, most of my floors have been vacuumed (no easy task in our huge, carpeted house), I am reclaiming my laundry room, and have been decluttering like a fiend. It is so funny how much of a difference just a few little changes make! If you havent looked at her site, go do it now (unless you are someone who is Born Organized, you probably need the help like I do!)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay warm!!



One a day challange: Not so much

I love my little owl, and this is my
new blue striped shirt and vest
 I know this is starting to sound like a familar tune, but the last couple of days i've totally been a slacker when it comes to my crafting. Last week, i did do a little heart based off the pattern for this awesome Heart Garland I saw over at Oh So Lovely, but I havent taken a pic of it yet. I know, bad me...

On a side note, check out my little zipper owl! I got him at forever 21 last year around my birthday (in august), and he is probably one of my favorite accessories. I think he is what started my newfound obsession with owls.

I paired him up with my new blue and white stripped top and blue vest that I got from Kohls the other day (on sale for $14!).

I've also been finishing up my Valentines for the Altered Art Junkies Swap. I'll post pics of those as soon as their done too.

So right now, I have plenty of stuff in the works, but not much finished yet... lol!! Stay Tuned!!


Today I love: Super Shiny Sparkles!

I dont know a girl who doesnt absolutly love anything sparkly or glittery. I am no different, so when one of my girlfriends from work came in with fabulously sparkly nails, I knew the next time I got my nails done (yes, thats pretty much the only really "girly" thing I do. I love getting my nails done!) I would be getting some sparkle too!

Image Via This is what I have on my nails right now
I decided on the OPI brand Sparkle-icious nailpolish. I loved the blue, purple and gold mixed in, and it matches with just about everything I have (not that I've ever been super concerened with matching)

So in honor of my new sparkley nails, i've decided to share the sparkly love (have i said sparkly enough yet in this post?!)

Super sparkly acrylic ring? yes please!

So Fab. Via

Not just for St Patricks day anymore!

 Not only is this an awesome pic, but glittery gloves? Heck yeah!

I've always loved to use glitter in my makeup... it gives you that "Im a fairy princess!" feeling.

What kind of sparkly things really give you that feeling of Fab?!
Stay tuned for some "One a Day Challange" soon!



Random Ramblings and a trip to Seaworld!

I decided to ROCK some fuchsia
tights and sweater Monday.
I think I blinded some
of my Co-workers

 Here i go, a-rambling again! 

I know its Tuesday and I've been a bit absent, but I spent the end part of last week actually planning out the things i wanted to make this week (I know, I know, Me? PLAN?! heaven forbid!)

I've got a couple of ideas for some projects, and I'm still working on my Valentines for the AAJ Swap, so I've still been a busy little bee even though I havent been posting much.
Keep your eyes open this week for some new little creations coming from the GG household.

On a side note (since these are my random ramblings), we took a trip to Seaworld over the weekend, and had an absolute blast! It was Edwards first time, and he had soooo much fun seeing all the animals! Here are a couple of the pics:

What is Florida known for?

Edward was much more interested in the roller coaster.


This little guy was sleeping. Too Cute!

And Gators!

We got to pet the (de-stingered) Stingrays

Saw some HUGE catfish 

Saw the sea lion and otter show (these guys we're just enjoying the Florida sun)
Sweet Shot Day


This was the door to the restaurant where we had lunch. I thought it was a neat way to display spices

Eddie on the sea creature carousel

Zach playing in the sand

My 3 guys being silly with a polar bear

The beautiful coral reef in the Manta aquarium

Eddie with the coral

Eddie about had a heart attack when he saw the octopus

This was a neat little tube the kids could get into to see what it was like inside of the tank

Zach had to get into it too

The sting ray tank. there must've been 50 of them in there!

My boys, tired after a long day!

I hope you all had a Wonderful weekend!!


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