Manic Mondays Music: Happy Halloween!!!

YAY! My Favorite holiday is here!! In honor of Halloween, this weeks manic mondays music is a couple of my favorite halloween songs!

Bette Middler is always a classic

Tim Curry... Sigh...

One of my favorite movies!

I used to watch this on the disney channel every halloween and its still one of my favorites!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!!


Tutorial: How to shorten a zipper

Last week while working on replacing a zipper on a skirt for a girl that I work with, I made a startling realization....

The zipper that I had bought for said skirt was too long. Like, 2 inches too long.

Now this may not be a startling realization to some, but for me, it was horrifying. My brain went into overdrive thinking about where I left the receipt and what store did I buy it from?

Some slightly more intelligent part of my brain recalled my grandma mentioning that she had shortened a zipper that she'd bought a few weeks ago. This being about 10pm that night, I decided it would be in poor taste to call my poor, sweet grandma asking about zippers so to Google I ran.

I found a couple of super easy tutorials on youtube and was able to piece together a suitable method:

First: Measure youre opening to see how long the zipper needs to be (remember, do not cut it at the end of your opening or it will be too short. I made mine about an inch below to give some wiggle room).
Please pardon my suck-y pictures...

Yeah, WAY too long (thats what she said.... sorry couldnt help myself)

Second: Take a straight needle and matching color thread and make a simple whip stitch (going in from one side of the zipper, over the zipper, and down the other side)
Up and over

Third: continue doing this over and over and over until you have a little mass of stitches. This is the new "stopper" for the zipper pull. I also put a dab of hot glue over the stitches for good measure.

My lovely new "stopper" (before the hot glue)

Slightly better picture. You can see the stitches.

Finally: Snip off the excess beneath the new "stopper" and sew into your garment!

All done!
Thats it! After working myself into a frenzy, it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to fix. 
Sometimes the easiest methods are the best.


Manic Mondays Music: Halloween is coming!

I thought I'd deviate a little this week as its the week before halloween! Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday ( I love having the excuse to dress up) and I love me some spooky music.

Today I took a song from my Spotify "This is Halloween" mix (please feel free to search me out on spotify) and its still got an upbeat tempo. Plus the video is cool lol.

Have a Super Spooky Week!!



Manic Mondays Music

Ok, so technically this song is from really late 90s/practically 2000s.

Its my blog, I make the rules as I go.


I found this song incredibly appropriate for this week because, while im not waiting for tonight (as in monday), I AM waiting on Thursday night.

Or more accurately "Awesome-hanging-out-with-my-BFF-girls Night"!

Heres to everyone having a wonderful week!!