Tutorial: Magnetic Makeup Board

 I found this awesome little pic/tutorial on pinterest for a magnetic board for makeup. Needless to say I was smitten and had to make my own!

All of my makeup was living in a little makeup bag and was constantly being shoved around under our bathroom cabinets.
After digging around a little, I found an old frame that I didn't want to throw out but hadn't found a use for yet. After a coat of white semigloss it was ready for the next step. (You'll have to pardon the lack of "in the process" pictures. I was so excited I totally forgot to take them!)

We picked up a piece of thin sheet metal from our local Home Depot and Mike measured and cut it to size for me (we don't have any special metal cutting tools, I think he just used some tin snips).

Once the metal was cut to size, I liberally applied some mod podge to it and covered it in some heavy paper i'd gotten a while back at the art supply store (this was apparently the project for making use of stuff I had lying around). I used gloss mod podge for this because I wanted it to be a little shiney (btw, mod podge is my new favorite thing), and after it dried I coated it all in a clear top coat (the tutorial mentioned that mod podge can make the surface a little sticky, and it did. The top coat gave it a smoother feel and weighed the paper down a bit so there weren't any bubbles.).

I put the metal in the frame and put the backing back on, just like normal.

Than I hot glued some round magnets to the backs of my make up, and tossed on some small magnetic boxes id picked up at ikea, and was done. The whole project took about 3 hours and cost about $30 (the most expensive thing was the sheet metal at around $20).

Fab little birdie paper

The finished product! And my lovely purple walls :D

From the side. Note the lovely little boxes from Ikea. I think I may mod podge those too lol

I am super happy about being able to reuse things that I wasnt sure what to do with but didnt have the heart to throw away, make something fun to hang on the wall in our newly painted bathroom, and find a functional place for my makeup!

Hope you were able to make it over the hump this week!!



Manic Mondays Music- Toni Braxton

Hello again! Its that time of week again, so here is todays Manic Mondays Music. 

One of the radio stations here in Orlando does something called the "ooh no they didnt" song of the day. This is where they play old school hip hop and rap songs that people havent thought about it forever. About a week ago they played this song by Toni Braxton, and I had to crank my radio up. 


Not only is she a super sexy lady with an awesome voice, but she and her sisters have a new TV show out called "Braxton Family Values" (check out her offical website here to get all the info)

Hope you all have a wonderful week and Happy Monday!



Happy Easter!!

Just a quick note to wish you a Happy Easter!

Whether you believe in a magical bunny who brings candy filled eggs...

Or that Jesus rose on the third day and ascended into heaven....

Or if you're just in it for the chocolate zombie bunnies....

I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful Easter!



Spring has sprung!

a lovely flower I found on my walk

I decided to take a little walk on my lunch break today (Im testing out this new system for lunch that gives me more free time. Its called "brown bagging it" lol.). I noticed how beautiful all of the flowers were and the little birdies and buggies were out and about.

Its crazy to think that its already spring! Here in the FL spring and summer tend to run together with the main difference being in the spring its still a little chilly in the mornings and it doesnt rain every afternoon.

We had a nice weekend and spent most of the day saturday painting the master bathroom (pictures to come!) and puttering around with the kiddos, then went to Old Town on Sunday and wandered around with the family.

Its funny how much time you find you have when the house is clean, homework is done, and you havent made any plans.

I am working on taking some pictures of some recent projects (including the bathroom :D) and will be posting them soon! Dont forget to follow me on Facebook to get hints on upcoming projects!!



Manic Modays Music

Here we are again folks! Another Monday (ew) and another edition of Manic Mondays Music.

I have a bit of a funny story for this song.

I'd never really paid that much attention to Kings of Leon until one day this song came on the radio while we were in the car. The kids were quiet (which was odd) and I actually started to listen to the words. When the chorus came on, I looked at Mike with wide-eyed shock and asked "Did they say what I think they said?!".

So after laughing hysterically for a minute, he said yes, they did and proceeded to tell me about how the video was so scandalous because of the hairy man rolling around on a bed.

Of course I looked it up on Youtube as soon as I got home.

I had to agree with him, the video was pretty steamy :D So here is Kings of Leon and the video for "Sex is on Fire"

See? Pretty steamy right? Hope this started your week of right!!



Manic Monday's Music

I've decided to add a new little feature to my lovely little blog. I am a huge music fan (I always have my ipod with me) and thought i'd share some of my favorite songs/songs that have been stuck in my head with all of my readers!

Also, check out the feature over at Sassy Smolak called "Tune Tuesdays". Emily has great taste in music, and she so graciously let me borrow her format for my new monday thread (Thanks Emily!!!)

So to start this party off right, a beautiful lady and wonderful singer, Adele. I've really been in love with her music since I heard her single "Chasing Pavement" a few years back, and her newest single "Rolling in the Deep" is no different.


Isnt she FAB?!

Hope you enjoyed this very first "Manic Mondays Music" and check back in next monday for some more awesome songs!!



Back to the basics and Grandma goodness!

I have decided to take this blog back to the basics a bit. I realized that I am trying too hard to make this blog "perfect" and just like all of the other really successful blogs out there instead of what i originally intended for it to be: a journal for myself.
So, on that note, I am going to be bringing things back to the basics. While my day to day routines may not be incredibly interesting, I think it'll be fun just to write and talk and post pictures up of my family and home without having to have a really set structure to them.

Last weekend and week has been a "grandma-ful" time. Saturday (March 26th) we celebrated Mikes grandmas 78th birthday with dinner at an awesome mexican restaurant called Azteca D'Oro. The food is awesome, HUGE portions, and we all left fat and happy. (I'll be posting pics as soon as I get copies. I didnt have a camera and my phone doesnt take good pics inside).

Then, on sunday, we went to a birthday party for My grandma at her church. It was wonderful to have all of the family and friends around to celebrate her 80th birthday!

We had cousins driving up from south Florida, and aunts and uncles fly down from Tennessee. There was a lot of talking, laughing, sharing stories, sneaking treats to the munchkins, and just generally having a great time.

So, on that vein, I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos of my wonderful grandma. Shes the one who taught me to sew and craft and is pretty much the glue that keeps our family together. I dont know what i'd do without her!

Grandma with her parents. She says she was about 16.
The pic above is probably my favorite picture of my grandma. I love how cute and sassy she looks. Shes still got that spark and energy to this day!