All about me...

 Hello all and thanks for visiting Ginger Goddess! My name is Alicia and I'm 30yrs old. I have 2 wonderful little boys who are the lights of my life, and a fab fiance who is my inspiration. I was born and raised in central Florida, and love my warm weather and beaches!

 I jokingly call myself an "ADD crafter". I start things and get sidetracked by something shiny or a squirrel or something equally random and end up with a bunch of half finished projects. This blog was designed to be my way of encouraging myself to keep on crafting and being creative, and hopefully encouraging others as well. I have recently started my own Etsy business, Ginger Goddess Designs, where I am making screenprinted apparel and custom embroidered items. Please check out my listings in the sidebar!

I have been playing roller derby with the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls for the past 2 years. I am a Sunnyland Slammer and go by Sandra Double D #36/24. I am still learning and growing in my sport and I not only love playing, but the support and camaraderie of the girls that are in the league.

  I pull inspiration from a lot of different sources, one major one being other blogs. Please feel free to follow me, or add comments or suggestions.