On writing more often...

Im going to attempt to write at least one paragraph a day. If nothing else, it will get me back in the habit of writing and hopefully give me a creative outlet (you know,like this whole blog thing started out being). I want to throw out there that what i write may not be incredibly interesting all of the time, but bear with me and I'll improve over time. Practice makes perfect right? So, for now, Im feeling in the christmas spirit today. Im pimped out with my red sweater (even though its 70 degrees here in the FL), jingle bell necklace, reindeer broach, santa cat earrings and red and green makeup. The tree is up and decorated, but we didnt do much with the outside of the house this year. Life got in the way and we ran out of time. Im planning on wrapping all the gifts tonight and working on some really cute mittens Im making for the boys and Logan. I'll update with my progress tomorrow!



My "Official" Derby Headshot!


OK, maybe I wont puke, but I am TOTALLY excited!

We had our photo shoot with the ab fab Phantom Photographics a few weeks ago for our "official" league head shots.

I got mine yesterday.

I almost died.

Here it is:

I kind of look like a badass
Its so amazing, I want to show everyone, even strangers on the street. I think I may make it into a shirt and wear it every day although that may look a little narcissistic.

Also, just cause I love her so very, very much, here is my wifey's head shot (shes going to kill me for putting this up)

She looks so very angry
 Check out the rest of my team here

and the rest of the league here

Derby Love!!


Making Stuff....and a bunch of links

As of today, my "Magnetic Makeup Board: Tutorial" is my most-often-viewed blog post.

Cant say I blame you, it is pretty sweet. (also, a BIG Thank You! to Laura from Lauras Thoughts for featuring me).

What this tells me is, you like to see me make stuff. You also like to have me show you how to make stuff too. I can do that.

Some of the things on my to-do list are to finish my update of my roll top desk (ala Centsational Girl), refinish a dragon backed chair thats been sitting in my garage, and decorate for halloween.
I have been making as much stuff lately, but you have inspired me to not only make more stuff, but to post it on here more often.

That being said, keep checking back for more "stuff" posts. (also, if you REALLY like posts about stuff, you should go check out Karen at one of my favorite blogs, "The Art of Doing Stuff").


Sugar Skull Earrings

Hello All!

Just thought I'd post a quick pic of these super fab and awesome earrings I got on my vaca to Key West (more on that later).

Sugar skulls, I loves them.

Hope you all have an amazing week!
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Sometimes you just get inspired....

I was sitting at work today reading/looking at the poem that Neil Gaiman had created for  Burton Olivers new backpiece ("Tattoos are only for the committed..." which I find incredibly poignant) and listening to Massive Attack on my spotify, and for some reason I got the urge to paint.

I found this urge incredibly interesting because not only did I not want to paint anything in particular, but I also dont paint. At all. Except maybe a little on T-shirts (more on that later).

So in an effort to pass on my weird moment of inspiration, here is the beautiful poem and artwork done by Neil and artist David Mack...

Check out the story Here
And Teardrops by Massive Attack (a: the video is a little weird. b: you may recognize the song as the theme from "House")

Hope you feel inspired too now!

Much Love,


10 Mile skate-a-thon and things I learn when I skate outside

Hello guys and gals!

On Saturday, April the 14th I am doing a Skate-A-Thon to get some funding for our league. Its a 10 mile skate (ack!) on the West orange trail (Heres the route we'll be taking) and we're looking for sponsors to donate per mile (like a marathon. If you're interested in donating, please comment with your name and email address and I'll send you my paypal information. Anything will help!).

Because I really dont skate outside very often and thought it might be a good idea before I try to do 10 miles, I decided to hit up a local trail this afternoon for my lunchbreak. The trail is about 1.6 miles one way, so roughly 3 miles there and back.

While doing my little skate, I came to some realizations, so I thought I'd share them :D

  • It is totally possible to put a car key, a drivers license, an ipod touch and a cell phone in my bra without looking like a mutant.
  • If you are of the pale-skinned persuasion like me, its probably a good idea to put on sunblock
  • People seem intimidated by a chick on skates
  • Skating on concrete is very, very different than skating in a rink (duh right?). There are things like small hills and wind. Fun, but exhausting.
  • That even though Im not in practice, I need to work on my derby stance. Standing straight=Falling over for me.
  • That it is really nice to skate outside like I used to do as a kid, enjoying the sunshine and my music. It was a really fun experience.

This was the beautiful view on the trail
Updates tomorrow on if I managed to make it into the league!!

Much Love,


Recruitment is over, now the real fun begins!

You may recall my post from a few weeks ago where I mentioned starting roller derby recruitment. Well last Wednesday was my final "skills test" and today I find out if I've made it into the league!

Our league logo. Click to head to our website

I'm feeling pretty confident about making it in and I got a lot of encouragement and tips from the Psychos (the girls already skating on teams).

I feel very lucky to have gotten in with such an awesome group of women. There isn't really any of the petty bitchiness that tends to happen when you get a group of very outspoken girls together, and everyone is very supportive and willing to help.

Our awesome group of recruits. Im the tiny one in the middle with the purple helmet.

(Yeah I know this probably sounds like I'm pandering but I'm really not. The girls are just that awesome).

Ill leave you with a video of us doing the cupid shuffle in the middle of Ale House after wednesdays test. And this is before we started drinking.

Derby Girls Cupid Shuffle

Much love,



Its official, I am now the grandma of six adorable, tiny, furry little kittens!

Too. Cute.

We took mama cat in (appropriately named "booger") about 4 weeks ago because i couldnt bear the thought of leaving her outside in the cold-ish temperatures (its florida. it doesnt get "cold" here) or leaving something to happen to her kittens when she had them.

Booger in all of her preggo glory. Note the little white mark under her nose that looks like,well, a booger.

March the 1st she decided to deliver the first of her litter at my moms feet while she (my mom, not the cat) was trying to take out the garbage. After she moved mama and kitten into the pre-prepared bathroom she called me frantic and I had to talk her through what to do. My instructions were as follows:

"leave her alone"

Right after baby #1 made its appearance

Yes, you read that right. Cats know what need to be done and typically dont need help delivering (unless they are some kind of fancy breed, it happens more often then, or so i've read). She had 3 more kittens by the time I got home an hour later.

Kitteh Snuggles!

It took another hour and a half before #5 showed up and #6 made his appearance sometime during the night. We ended up with 5 boys and 1 lovely little girl.

This is Rex
This has been a really wonderful experience for the kids, especially Edward. He is in love with those kitties (to the point that he checked out "cat fancy" magazine at the library. I am not kidding).

This one we're calling Heffer because of his cow-like spots

He is learning about how the babies were born and how they are developing as they hit their milestones (they just opened their eyes and are now starting to try and walk around more).

The aptly names "curious George"

He is also going to have to deal with the loss of (most) of the kittens when they hit 8 weeks and we have to give them away. I know we arent going to be able to handle 8 cats in the house so they are going to my best friend who works at a kennel and who has promised to find good homes for the babies.

I will be uploading lots of cute kitty pics for the next couple of weeks, so be prepared. Also, if you're in the Orlando, FL area and are interested in one of these adorable balls of fur, email me.

Much love!


Lunachic Reports: Roller Derby Recruitment Week 1

Chillin before practice
Yes, you are looking at the right blog.

No, there is not need to adjust your television screen.

I've done something a bit.... daring...

I've joined the Roller Derby!!

I know you're probably all thinking that this has come out of left field and that I've totally lost it. You're probably right.

I had heard about the local team (the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls) a little while back from a friend of mine who emceed for them. I got so excited when I found out there was a local team and I knew that I HAD to try out.

I've always loved to skate and that was my main form of transportation before I was able to drive (although I rarely used quad skates. I wore the crap out of my rollerblades though. Hey, it was the 90s).

While I cant say that this has been a life long dream, it has been a desire of mine for about a year now. When Santa granted my Christmas wish of a brand new set of skates (and pads, helmet, mouthguard, and purple nuts for my wheels called "astro-nuts") my excitement knew no bounds.

Till I put the skates on for the first time and immediately busted my butt on the sidewalk.

Me + sidewalks= bad idea.

And this was with kneepads on
 A few days after Christmas, I was playing on Facebook, as i do when i don't have much else going on (which isn't often lol) and I saw a little advert saying that the Psycho City league was having open requirements on Jan 2nd. My little heart went pitter-pat and my brain came to a screeching halt (screaming "WHAT ARE YOU NUTS? YOU CANT EVEN PUT THE THINGS ON WITHOUT FALLING!").

Thankfully my wonderful honey is always the voice of reason. He did a little research (i.e. he actually read the flyer) and it stated in big bold letters "No Skating Experience Necessary". I was thrilled (and nervous, and scared, and kind of felt like I was going to puke).

So I showed up for the first informational session, got all my info together, and showed up last Monday not really knowing what to expect.

We learned how to fall (the right way, not on our butts), and how to stop (which is incredibly important and does not include running into the wall). So far everyone has been super helpful and supportive (my boss has even suggested coming to a game as a "team building event" which i think is HILARIOUS!) I've ended up with some not so pretty bruises but frankly, I've had a BLAST! I cant wait to really start getting into the knitty gritty of playing and getting to know the awesome ladies better.

Here are a couple of videos on some of the skills we've learned. I'd like to keep updating throughtout recruitment and maybe encourage some girls out there in blog-o land to try out for their local teams!

How to stop:

This is how i bruised the crap out of my knee..
Superman Falls:



A new year and a new chance to sparkle!
I have a really good feeling about 2012 (no, I do not believe that the world is going to end. Sorry Mayan Calendar). I am looking forward to getting my AA degree (2 more classes!!) and starting my Batchlors programs, spending more time crafting, spending more time with my boys, getting more exercise and getting healthier overall and improving my financial situation.

I know, these sound like the standard run of the mill resolutions, but I dont really look at them that way. To me, they are achievable goals, not resolutions that I'll forget about by January 15th.

I took the first of January and did a total craft-area overhaul. I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I didnt need/wont use, organized my fabric and craft stuff, found some projects that I'd forgotten about and generally cleaned up a bit. It was so nice to work on my newest project with everything in its place, enough room to move without tripping on everything and a fresh, new outlook.

I've also given up regular soda. This one is rough for me. I loves me some Coke Classic in the morning for my caffine boost. So far I've switched to Coke Zero (all the caffine, none of the calories! Babysteps people.) and havent had much of an issue.

I am really looking forward to keeping everyone updated with my failures and sucesses and hearing about your progress as well! Feel free to email or facebook message me! I love hearing from people!!!

Dont forget to sparkle!!