Lunachic Reports: Roller Derby Recruitment Week 1

Chillin before practice
Yes, you are looking at the right blog.

No, there is not need to adjust your television screen.

I've done something a bit.... daring...

I've joined the Roller Derby!!

I know you're probably all thinking that this has come out of left field and that I've totally lost it. You're probably right.

I had heard about the local team (the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls) a little while back from a friend of mine who emceed for them. I got so excited when I found out there was a local team and I knew that I HAD to try out.

I've always loved to skate and that was my main form of transportation before I was able to drive (although I rarely used quad skates. I wore the crap out of my rollerblades though. Hey, it was the 90s).

While I cant say that this has been a life long dream, it has been a desire of mine for about a year now. When Santa granted my Christmas wish of a brand new set of skates (and pads, helmet, mouthguard, and purple nuts for my wheels called "astro-nuts") my excitement knew no bounds.

Till I put the skates on for the first time and immediately busted my butt on the sidewalk.

Me + sidewalks= bad idea.

And this was with kneepads on
 A few days after Christmas, I was playing on Facebook, as i do when i don't have much else going on (which isn't often lol) and I saw a little advert saying that the Psycho City league was having open requirements on Jan 2nd. My little heart went pitter-pat and my brain came to a screeching halt (screaming "WHAT ARE YOU NUTS? YOU CANT EVEN PUT THE THINGS ON WITHOUT FALLING!").

Thankfully my wonderful honey is always the voice of reason. He did a little research (i.e. he actually read the flyer) and it stated in big bold letters "No Skating Experience Necessary". I was thrilled (and nervous, and scared, and kind of felt like I was going to puke).

So I showed up for the first informational session, got all my info together, and showed up last Monday not really knowing what to expect.

We learned how to fall (the right way, not on our butts), and how to stop (which is incredibly important and does not include running into the wall). So far everyone has been super helpful and supportive (my boss has even suggested coming to a game as a "team building event" which i think is HILARIOUS!) I've ended up with some not so pretty bruises but frankly, I've had a BLAST! I cant wait to really start getting into the knitty gritty of playing and getting to know the awesome ladies better.

Here are a couple of videos on some of the skills we've learned. I'd like to keep updating throughtout recruitment and maybe encourage some girls out there in blog-o land to try out for their local teams!

How to stop:

This is how i bruised the crap out of my knee..
Superman Falls:

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