On writing more often...

Im going to attempt to write at least one paragraph a day. If nothing else, it will get me back in the habit of writing and hopefully give me a creative outlet (you know,like this whole blog thing started out being). I want to throw out there that what i write may not be incredibly interesting all of the time, but bear with me and I'll improve over time. Practice makes perfect right? So, for now, Im feeling in the christmas spirit today. Im pimped out with my red sweater (even though its 70 degrees here in the FL), jingle bell necklace, reindeer broach, santa cat earrings and red and green makeup. The tree is up and decorated, but we didnt do much with the outside of the house this year. Life got in the way and we ran out of time. Im planning on wrapping all the gifts tonight and working on some really cute mittens Im making for the boys and Logan. I'll update with my progress tomorrow!