Over the weekend, Briefly

The weekend was full of all kinds of crazy things, so I thought I'd share a couple of them:

1.A trip to the library. I checked out these four beauties and Edward checked out 5 books of his own, with his own card! (Btw, he checked out "Mothman","Bigfoot","UFOs","Ghost Ships", and "Ghosts". Can you tell what he likes?)

Why yes, that is the book written by the ex-wife of Eric Clapton and George Harrison. I love a little dirt.

 2.Sparkly lights hung from trees.
This was taken outside of a subdivision that I pass by every day. I just thought it was so pretty.

3. The weirdest fortune I've ever gotten. I'm still not exactly sure what it means.

 4. Munchkins eating marshmallows!


Zach shoved all of his in his mouth
5. Decided to dye my hair. Went with a lighter color, now I feel much more like a ginger.

Got my Hur Did.
We also took a trip to seaworld, but I'll post those pics separately.

Hope you had a great week!!



Before I go to sleep- Dec 07, 2011

Me and my awesome hat!
Yesterday started off fairly uneventful (other than edward waking me up at 3:30am and 4:30am just because he couldnt sleep and felt like he needed to share the wealth). Both boys were dropped off (with Zach singing his ABC's even though he only knows about 10 letters). Work, as always, was uneventful.

I did, however, get the chance to wear the new hat that I made! I've been wanting a slouchy-beany type hat forever and cant bring myself to buy anything that I am able to make lol. I found this pattern on crochet.com (just FYI, typing in slouchy-beany thing did not come up with any results) and its called.... wait for it... the "Phannie". So I guess you could say I have my head in my Phannie! LOL!


Anyways, I made my little hat over the course of a couple of days, mainly because I ran out of yarn and had to go buy more and after I put it on, I couldnt really decide if it looked cute or silly.

Once I paired its mustard loveliness with a plum top and tossed a gold and purple butterfly broach on the front ( I swear I've had that pin since I was 10. Avon, baby), I totally fell in love.

Apparently I wasnt the only one. I now have to make 2 more for people I work with, 3 for the people Mike works with, 1 for mikes mom, and 3 more for friends of mine (I made the mistake of putting this pic up on FB!). I guess I'll be having a hat-making christmas!

I ended up leaving work early so that I could go see my dad. He is leaving this weekend on very short notice to move to New Mexico for a job (he is a Dietary Nutritionist) and yesterday was his only day to get to Orlando (he lives about 45 minutes away in Howie in the Hills). So we met my brother and Dad at my might-as-well-be-my-stepmom's Sisters house (ok, try to follow, its my dads girlfriend, but they've been together forever so she might as well be my stepmom. Make sense?) and had pizza and pasta for dinner. It was seriously fab. It was also nice to hang out and just BS around with them for a bit.

Heres one of my dad and Zach

And my dad trying to lift Edward lol
The bag that Edward refused to put down is full of my Stepmom's 18yr old neices old toys. She, of course, was smitten by the boys and gave them full access to her old stuffed animals. I limited them to three each.

I also tagged some music using Shazam yesterday so I thought I'd share that too :D

Sigh, I love me some Richard Marx!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


Before I go to sleep...

I've just finished reading a book that my future mother-in-law recommended to me called "Before I go to sleep" by S.J. Watson.

All I have to say about it is "wow".

The book is sort of like a mix between Memento and 50 First Dates (other than it is not a comedy by any stretch of the imagination).

The main character is Christine. You find out early on that she has short term memory loss from a mysterious "accident" and she can only retain information until she sleeps, than it all disappears. There are all kinds of twists and turns as you find out what happened to her and how she starts to figure things out by writing in a journal every day so that she can start to connect what happens from day to day.

After reading this book, I started to think "what would happen if I were to lose my memory? What would it be like not to remember my kids, my fiance, my mom?". Than, I started to realize all of the things that we take for granted in a day, all of the things we forget.

Im a very forgetful person even though I'm only 28. Often I forget things that happened in the morning by the time I go to bed.

Thats why I've decided to start keeping a journal, and taking pictures every day.

Im going to do a trial run of this for a month because, lets be honest, Im not the best at keeping with something day to day.

I'll probably be updating the blog with some of the entries and pics just so im accountable (dont worry, im not going to post every day and bore you with the mundane aspects of my life, which are many lol).

So here are some pics that I took today:
My boys goofing around in the grocery store

Edward outside of the grocery store acting weird.

Hangin in the backyard

Zach was dancing around. I had a heck of a time getting him to stand still!
 I hope you will keep checking back to see whats goin on with me and the fam!



Manic Mondays Music: Happy Halloween!!!

YAY! My Favorite holiday is here!! In honor of Halloween, this weeks manic mondays music is a couple of my favorite halloween songs!

Bette Middler is always a classic

Tim Curry... Sigh...

One of my favorite movies!

I used to watch this on the disney channel every halloween and its still one of my favorites!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!!


Tutorial: How to shorten a zipper

Last week while working on replacing a zipper on a skirt for a girl that I work with, I made a startling realization....

The zipper that I had bought for said skirt was too long. Like, 2 inches too long.

Now this may not be a startling realization to some, but for me, it was horrifying. My brain went into overdrive thinking about where I left the receipt and what store did I buy it from?

Some slightly more intelligent part of my brain recalled my grandma mentioning that she had shortened a zipper that she'd bought a few weeks ago. This being about 10pm that night, I decided it would be in poor taste to call my poor, sweet grandma asking about zippers so to Google I ran.

I found a couple of super easy tutorials on youtube and was able to piece together a suitable method:

First: Measure youre opening to see how long the zipper needs to be (remember, do not cut it at the end of your opening or it will be too short. I made mine about an inch below to give some wiggle room).
Please pardon my suck-y pictures...

Yeah, WAY too long (thats what she said.... sorry couldnt help myself)

Second: Take a straight needle and matching color thread and make a simple whip stitch (going in from one side of the zipper, over the zipper, and down the other side)
Up and over

Third: continue doing this over and over and over until you have a little mass of stitches. This is the new "stopper" for the zipper pull. I also put a dab of hot glue over the stitches for good measure.

My lovely new "stopper" (before the hot glue)

Slightly better picture. You can see the stitches.

Finally: Snip off the excess beneath the new "stopper" and sew into your garment!

All done!
Thats it! After working myself into a frenzy, it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to fix. 
Sometimes the easiest methods are the best.


Manic Mondays Music: Halloween is coming!

I thought I'd deviate a little this week as its the week before halloween! Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday ( I love having the excuse to dress up) and I love me some spooky music.

Today I took a song from my Spotify "This is Halloween" mix (please feel free to search me out on spotify) and its still got an upbeat tempo. Plus the video is cool lol.

Have a Super Spooky Week!!



Manic Mondays Music

Ok, so technically this song is from really late 90s/practically 2000s.

Its my blog, I make the rules as I go.


I found this song incredibly appropriate for this week because, while im not waiting for tonight (as in monday), I AM waiting on Thursday night.

Or more accurately "Awesome-hanging-out-with-my-BFF-girls Night"!

Heres to everyone having a wonderful week!!




Cause I'm tired....


As Lilly Von Schtupp said in Blazing Saddles....
"Im SO tired" (if you dont know what i'm talking about, click here. You'll thank me for it later).

I was sick all last week, so thats taken its toll as well.

So since I've been so tired, I've been a bit lacking in my blogging.

Now that Im feeling a bit better, I'll be finishing up some projects I've been working on (and blogging about them, of course!)

See you later in the week!!



Manic Mondays Music!

Hello all! Sorry for my absence last week, but I was horribly sick and bedridden and I really didnt have the brain power to sit and write anything. Thankfully today I am feeling more human and ready to add to my awesome 90s dance music playlist! Are you ready for this?! I know I am!

That song was my JAM back in middle school lol. While I really dig the hottie dancing in the rain/water/sprinkler, I'd forgotten how completely weird the video is.

If you want to check out my entire playlist, feel free to look me up on Spotify under Alicia Eileen Larkin.

Happy Monday All!



A stupid reason to not write a blog post...

I know I've been a bit absent for the past week and I'd like to think that I have a good reason and a stupid reason.

The good reason is that we went on vacation last weekend to Siesta Key here in FL. We had a great time at the beach with the kiddos and the in laws, but the week leading up to it was a bit hectic and I didnt go anywhere near a computer while we were there.

The thing is, we got home from the beach on sunday.

The reason (which is stupid) that I havent written anything so far this week is because.... well....

I needed to get my nails done.

See? Stupid. But justifiable!

I just dont like to type when my nails get too long because its uncomfortable and can be downright painful if left too long. Since I have to type all day long at work, the desire to come home and type some more when its already bothering me is practically nonexistent.

Ok, I've had my confession for the week, now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts :D



Manic Mondays Music- 90s dance music extravaganza!

I have been on a serious 90s music kick lately. I've found the joy that is Spotify (if you want an invite, email me. This thing is freaken cool!) so I've been dredging up memories of songs that I havent heard in 10+ years. It is always nice to feel those old feelings again and remember what I was doing way back when. I'm going to do a little series on 90s music (although I may break from it every now and again when the mood strikes me. I like to keep you guys on your toes :D ) and will set up a playlist for future referrance (because you never know when the need for 90s dance hits will strike!).

Here is the first in my little series and probably one of my favorites: Finally by CeCe Peniston



It just makes me want to shake my booty!

Hope you have a super fab monday!

Love, GG


I did something a little crazy tonight....


Before you get too worried, no, I did not shave my head or tattoo "I love Mike" across my butt. I did, however, delete all of my old drafts of posts. Anything that was half (or a third, or almost totally) done got tossed in the trash can like a torn old sweater.

Why would I do something like that, you may be asking (actually, you're probably asking why I am even bringing it up since they're gone and you'll never, ever have to suffer through them). The reason is simple.

I want to be a better blogger.

Now this may seem a little counter productive to you. Delete posts to become a better blogger. I dont think that will be in a seminar any time soon.

The reason that I deleted all of my old stuff is because if I was really passionate about the post, if I had really enjoyed writing it and felt that it would be a great post....

I would've posted it.

Simple as that. If I havent gotten around to finishing these posts by now, there is probably a reason why and they are not good enough for me to put on my blog (which is supposed to be a reflection of me).

I'm tired of trying to model my blog to be like other more sucessful blogs. They arent me, I'm not them (thank you captain obvious). My blog is just that, Mine, and I plan on making it more a reflection of me as a person.

See? It all makes sense now! well... more sense anyway,.

Keep an eye out for some changes, some neat things, and a cool announcement or two.

Ali the Ginger Goddess


Happy Birthday to Me!

Just a quick post to say "Happy Birthday to Me!".

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

~~Love, GG~~


Manic Mondays Music, Pre-Birthday Party!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I've already spent most of the weekend partying (first with the girls, than my mom, grandma, brothers, aunt and uncles, than with my dad and stepmom!) so I thought todays Manic Mondays Music should be about girls having a great time!!

Via (this is sort of what I looked like friday night lol)

Hope you all had a great monday!!

~~Love, GG~~


A Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook,
 I have a confession to make... I have recently been thinking about leaving you. Perhaps not permanently... we could keep our status as "aquaintances", but the lure of something new is always hard to resist and, well... I've signed up for Google+.

My new friend is interesting, and no relationships are without flaws but I am having a hard time navigating and what buttons not to push.

Perhaps I should put my new friend on the backburner for a while... at least until I can get hold of
Google tech support.

With Love,

Click HERE to "like" me on Facebook and get a lovely little surprise (actually, just a note from me saying "thanks!". Hey, I think its lovely.)

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Manic Mondays Music

I know that summer is almost over and the kiddos will be heading back to school soon, but I think we should all enjoy a little summer jam while we still can!

Personally, I really like Will Smiths early stuff (you know, before he became an actor in anything but Fresh Prince of Bel Aire).

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!

~~Love GG~~


Manic Mondays Music (Tuesday edition)

I know I'm running a day late due to the holidays, so were doing Manic Tuesdays Music today :D

In the spirit of the results of the Casey Anthony trial (not guilty) here in my hometown of Orlando, I thought this song was appropriate...


Gotta love a little Bel Biv Devoe. Seriously, check out those awesome flat tops!

I hope you all have a lovely short week!



Tutorial: Decoupage a Lamp shade (and put old books to use!)

Have an old lamp that needs to be spiced up? Have some old books that have gotten to the point of being unreadable (if you're anything like me, you have several :/ )?

Than today is your lucky day! I had been gifted a lamp that, at first glance, was frankly hideous. It was a very shiny gold plate, oddly shaped and falling apart, but I saw the promise of a really neat, different reading lamp for my still-to-be-made reading corner in our bedroom.

Frankly, I am too darn cheap and picky to just go buy a new lamp shade. I almost never find one that I like and works with our "decor" (or lack thereof). So I decided with this little lamp shade to bust out my Mod Podge and go crazy.

I had visualized it early on as being covered by pages from a book, but seriously couldn't bring myself to tear apart a book that I had or to waste paper by printing out aged-looking text.

My saving grace came in the form of a much loved, much read book that I was re-re-re-re-re-re (get the point?) reading. The covers had fallen off. I was starting to lose pages. The spine was bent and broken and it looked like it'd been through a hurricane. When my wonderful fiance saw me desperately trying to read it, he stated that it may be time to replace it. After deflecting my "what are you NUTS?" look, he said that it wouldn't be worth giving to goodwill, they'd probably just trash it anyway.

Than a light bulb went off in the dark recesses of my brain!

I would use my much loved book as decoupage for my awesome new (to me) lamp!! And heres how I did it!

Please excuse all of the crap on my little table

Start with an old lampshade. As you can see, this one was on its last legs (well, not literally as lamp shades don't have legs, but you get the idea). I wiped it down with a damp-ish rag and took the metal center part out as it was falling out anyway (hot glue to the rescue! I re-attached it later) 

Honestly, it broke my heart to do this to a book. For the greater crafty good...

Next, take an old book and tear out some random pages. This book has a bit of bloodshed so I
made sure to glance over what I was sticking on there beforehand.

Now for the tools. I used glossy Mod Podge and a cheap paintbrush from Home Depot.

Liberally apply your Mod Podge and slap on a couple of pages. I worked section by section because Mod Podge tends to dry very quickly. I wanted mine to look a little random so I turned the pages in different directions. This is all personal preference. You are more than welcome to line them up very nice and neat if you'd like.

After I'd stuck all my pages on the way I wanted, I trimmed the excess of the top and bottom and gave them one more coat with the Mod Podge. Than I hot-glued on some fabric on the
top and bottom edges just to make it look a little more uniform and neat.

The green fabric was actually an old pair of corduroy pants that didn't fit me anymore. Hows that for upcycling!

And here is the finished product! The lamp my honey fixed and then spray painted an off-white/almost tan color that matches perfectly with our bedroom.

I love the little scrolled looking thingy on the top...

The fabric on the top of the lampshade came out a little wonky, but I really didnt feel like taking the whole thing apart (again) to fix it. Besides it gives it character.

I hope you all enjoy Canada day for those up north and the Fourth of July for those in America. Everyone else, come back monday for Manic Mondays Music and have a great weekend!



Manic Mondays Music

Unfortunately, I have seen several relationships (of friends and family members) fall apart in the last couple of weeks, so I thought i'd dedicate todays Manic Mondays Music to all the newly single people out there!


Heres hoping you have a wonderful and slightly weird week!



Manic Mondays Music!

Monday morning has found me with a bit of bad news. Sassy Smolak has decided to close down her little blog (which was my inspiration for Manic Mondays music. With her permission of course). I really enjoyed reading her blog and will miss her fun projects.

But on to the music...

I have to admit that when Katy Perry came out with her first single (that I had heard) "I kissed a girl" I was impressed. I really liked her edgy sound. Pretty much everything since then has been a disappointment. Im all about bubble gum pop, but I think that shes putting herself in a genre that she may not be able to get out of.

Her newest song "E.T" reminds me of "I kissed a girl" and frankly... I LOVE IT!!
 Plus shes totally adorable lol!


Isnt she just Fab?

I hope you all have a wonderful crafty-ful week!



Yarn Wrapped Spring Wreath

I finally got around to hanging up my Spring wreath (you know, now that its almost summer)! Its such a lovely pop of color against our dark purple door.

Spring has sprung!

I used  pastel yellow with a varigated green/blue/tan yarn to wrap the wreath. The little wooden flowers I got from the dollar section from Target!

I am really happy with how it turned out, and have gotten some compliments on it already :D such an awesome feeling!!
Working on some new things, trying to keep my head on straight!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

<3 GG


Manic Mondays Music

Because we all managed to escape the rapture, I think this is a very appropriate song for todays Manic Mondays Music!

I've been a big Ace of Base fan since they came out in the early 90s, so I found this song ironic and fitting :D

Heres hoping you all have a wonderful week!!

<3 GG


Happy Birthday Edward!

A few weeks ago my little man turned 7! Its hard to believe its been that long. He has changed so much and is becoming such a wonderful young man, and I am more and more proud of him every day.

I thought I'd throw some pics from his birthday and of him through the years up to celebrate his day :D

The morning of his birthday with the little robot he and Mike put together (a kit he got for his birthday)

at his party, getting ready to cut the cake. weirdo.

On "bring your daughters and sons to work day" playing the cookie game


Mommy Snuggles. This is when I was pregnant with Zach.
I meant to post this a little earlier in the month (since his birthday was on th 5th) but things have been a bit crazy!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!

<3 GG


Manic Mondays Music- Janet Jackson

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Sorry I've been a bit absent in the past week. Between birthdays, celebrations, and blogger not cooperating I haven't been able to post a thing!

To make up for it, I thought I'd post one of my FAVORITE Janet Jackson songs/videos. I just love the funky style and sassy dance moves of her video for "If"...

Isnt that just fab?!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!



Manic Mondays Music- America! F*ck yeah!

Since everyone is feeling in a patriotic spirit today due to the announcement by the white house that Osama Bin Laden is dead, I thought I'd do a more patriotic manic mondays music.

This is from a really dumb movie called "Team America" that was made entirely with puppets. If the F-word offends you, seriously, skip this weeks video...

To those I've offended, Im sorry. To those I've made laugh, you're welcome.

Seriously though, this is a historic day for America, although it doesnt really change much. Thankfully, a horrible man is dead and cant hurt any more innocent people, and we've gotten our closure from the tragedy that was 9/11, but will that stop the war in Iraq and have all of our troops come home? Probably not.

This isnt to start a political debate, just saying that everything is not all rainbows and puppies now that Bin Laden is gone.

I think they should have just sent Chuck Norris in and it would've been done in 24 hours.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!



Tutorial: Magnetic Makeup Board

 I found this awesome little pic/tutorial on pinterest for a magnetic board for makeup. Needless to say I was smitten and had to make my own!

All of my makeup was living in a little makeup bag and was constantly being shoved around under our bathroom cabinets.
After digging around a little, I found an old frame that I didn't want to throw out but hadn't found a use for yet. After a coat of white semigloss it was ready for the next step. (You'll have to pardon the lack of "in the process" pictures. I was so excited I totally forgot to take them!)

We picked up a piece of thin sheet metal from our local Home Depot and Mike measured and cut it to size for me (we don't have any special metal cutting tools, I think he just used some tin snips).

Once the metal was cut to size, I liberally applied some mod podge to it and covered it in some heavy paper i'd gotten a while back at the art supply store (this was apparently the project for making use of stuff I had lying around). I used gloss mod podge for this because I wanted it to be a little shiney (btw, mod podge is my new favorite thing), and after it dried I coated it all in a clear top coat (the tutorial mentioned that mod podge can make the surface a little sticky, and it did. The top coat gave it a smoother feel and weighed the paper down a bit so there weren't any bubbles.).

I put the metal in the frame and put the backing back on, just like normal.

Than I hot glued some round magnets to the backs of my make up, and tossed on some small magnetic boxes id picked up at ikea, and was done. The whole project took about 3 hours and cost about $30 (the most expensive thing was the sheet metal at around $20).

Fab little birdie paper

The finished product! And my lovely purple walls :D

From the side. Note the lovely little boxes from Ikea. I think I may mod podge those too lol

I am super happy about being able to reuse things that I wasnt sure what to do with but didnt have the heart to throw away, make something fun to hang on the wall in our newly painted bathroom, and find a functional place for my makeup!

Hope you were able to make it over the hump this week!!