I did something a little crazy tonight....


Before you get too worried, no, I did not shave my head or tattoo "I love Mike" across my butt. I did, however, delete all of my old drafts of posts. Anything that was half (or a third, or almost totally) done got tossed in the trash can like a torn old sweater.

Why would I do something like that, you may be asking (actually, you're probably asking why I am even bringing it up since they're gone and you'll never, ever have to suffer through them). The reason is simple.

I want to be a better blogger.

Now this may seem a little counter productive to you. Delete posts to become a better blogger. I dont think that will be in a seminar any time soon.

The reason that I deleted all of my old stuff is because if I was really passionate about the post, if I had really enjoyed writing it and felt that it would be a great post....

I would've posted it.

Simple as that. If I havent gotten around to finishing these posts by now, there is probably a reason why and they are not good enough for me to put on my blog (which is supposed to be a reflection of me).

I'm tired of trying to model my blog to be like other more sucessful blogs. They arent me, I'm not them (thank you captain obvious). My blog is just that, Mine, and I plan on making it more a reflection of me as a person.

See? It all makes sense now! well... more sense anyway,.

Keep an eye out for some changes, some neat things, and a cool announcement or two.

Ali the Ginger Goddess

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MikeD said...

Announcement? Preggo?