Manic Mondays Music- 90s dance music extravaganza!

I have been on a serious 90s music kick lately. I've found the joy that is Spotify (if you want an invite, email me. This thing is freaken cool!) so I've been dredging up memories of songs that I havent heard in 10+ years. It is always nice to feel those old feelings again and remember what I was doing way back when. I'm going to do a little series on 90s music (although I may break from it every now and again when the mood strikes me. I like to keep you guys on your toes :D ) and will set up a playlist for future referrance (because you never know when the need for 90s dance hits will strike!).

Here is the first in my little series and probably one of my favorites: Finally by CeCe Peniston



It just makes me want to shake my booty!

Hope you have a super fab monday!

Love, GG

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