When I realize I'm doing something wrong...

Well, not like I'm doing something illegal, like when I'm doing something incorrectly. 

I have a lot of "slapping the forehead" moments.

Take yesterday for example. 

I was mild mannered-ly working on my project for "cold hands, warm heart"

I pulled out a new skein of yarn,

but instead of pulling the end on the outside of the skein like I normally do,

 I pull the one sticking out of the center on the end.

 and now, it works fabulously, and I dont have to fiddle with the yarn flipping around while Im working 

(just FYI in case Lacretia is reading this, this is NOT the yarn that I'm using for your gift,
 this is just an example :D)

I've also learned how to "follow" blogs via google. 

I know, for seasoned bloggers, this is probably a pretty "duh" sort of thing,

but apparently I was doing it wrong, and didnt realize it till my Honey mentioned 
that I was not following his blog

"yes I am" I retorted. 

"no, youre not" he said. 

So I checked, and low and behold, I wasnt. 

Again, another slap-the-forehead, duh moment. 

It may sound silly, but I actually kind of like it when stuff like that happens. 

Its not only nice because I've learned something new (yay!)

but it also makes me feel a little more human and fallible. 

What has given you a "duh" moment lately?

Still Learning,



Finding myself....

Hello all! 

I've decided to rename my series. Instead of "Finding myself on a friday", its just "finding myself"

Unfortunately, fridays are apparently rough days for me to post on.

I've had all kinds of craziness going on.

Between Thanksgiving, crafting, and my possible new business venture, I've been running around like crazy.

I've also been working on my gift for the "Cold hands, Warm Heart" swap!

Im super excited about it, and I hope Lacretia from over at Readyheart will like what I'm whipping up!

Not too much else to update for today, but stay tuned! I've got good things coming up!

Much love!!



This Thursday...

Its Turkey Day!!

Time to eat ourselves stupid, and give thanks for all of the wonderful friends and family we have.

I know for us, Thanksgiving is a very busy holiday. 

We have 3 families to visit (and eat with), so we have to plan our day out well in advance.

This year, its early lunch with my dad, early dinner with my mom, and late dinner/dessert with Mikes parents.

So with all of the Thanksgiving-y goodness going on, I
 thought I'd set the mood with some lovely handmade turkeys!

This one reflects my love of yarn


And last but not least, a little craft the boys and I did based on a post over at Easie Peasie

Zach's is on the left, Edward's on the right

This is just regular, washable paint on poster board.

 I cut them out and put yarn through them so we can use them as decorations.

We made 3 of each, so that way we have one for each grandma, and one for me :D

And of course the boys insisted I do one as well. They love to see mommy get messy.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun and love filled Thanksgiving

I am thankful for YOU!!



Spinning a Yarn

I love yarn. 

Seriously, its a sick obsession, and I should probably get some help.

but i wont :D



Finding myself on a Friday (monday edition)

Hello all!

Sorry I missed my Finding myself on a Friday post,
(how sad is that? its my second post in a series and I'm late for it!)
but Friday evening was full of wonderful gifted goodness, and this weekend was SUPER busy!

A quick update on how my first goal is going:

I've been trying really hard to spend a least one full, uninterrupted
(i.e. TV,Computer, Video game free time)
hour to devote to the kids.

Bestest buds
So far, we've done a couple of crafts (which I'll post pics of later)
and had a couple of serious heart-to-heart discussions

I'm really hoping that spending more "totally devoted" time with the boys will help with their behavior.
(I know. Some of you moms out there are going "uh, duh!",
but hey, I'm still learning how to do this whole "mom" thing, and frankly, I'm a little slow lol!)


On a side note, I brought some of my little crochet and fabric flower clips to a local children's-only hair salon, and the wonderful owner said she'd sell them for me!

she has a board for local moms (right now there are only 3 others besides me), and she only takes 15% to cover the taxes, so I may actually be able to make an ok profit!

I'm super excited, and I'm hoping that everything starts selling well.

Who knows, maybe I'll even open my own Etsy shop!

Well darlings, that's it for now for my Monday/ Friday update! Stay tuned for more!!


P.S.- any tips for selling your handmade products that would be helpful?
Leave me a comment to help me out!


This mom rocks!!

This is a lovely little post thats been going around the inter-nets lately ( I read about it when one of my Punky Moms posted it on Facebook), and I just had to weigh in.

The post is entitled "My son is gay"

And then it shows an adorable photo of a little boy dressed up as Daphne from Scooby Doo.

She was also on the Today show a few days ago.

Frankly, I think this is FANTASTIC!

Cudos to you mom, because you have the strength to support your little boy no matter what he decideds to do! I only hope that I could do the same for my little guys.

What do you think? Would you let your little boy dress as a girl or vice versa?



Its a Beautiful Day!

Quick recap of the weekend:

Got some cleaning done, Yay!!


All 3 boys (mike and the kids) got their hair cut, which may lead into a new business venture for me... but I'll post more about that later.
Made out like a BANDIT at a local multi-family yard sale. I got 2 wooden knick-knack shelves and a whole bag of clothes that I'm going to use as fabric for $4!!

Almost fell down the stairs. That sucked. Luckily for me I only ended up slipping down 2 or 3 stairs before I caught myself, but I did twist my ankle a bit.

Got some more work done on my Geisha tattoo! I'll make sure to post pics when its totally done :D


Finding Myself on a Friday

Hello all!

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to everyone about something that is very important to me.


No, seriously. This isnt going to be some rant on how awesome and fab I am. Frankly, its the opposite.

I've been working really hard on several aspects of my life, and havent really gotten very far with it,
so i've decided to start this new series of posts entitiled
"Finding myself on a Friday" to be able to be held more accountable. 

Now, I know you're probably thinking, this blog is mainly about crafty and DIY stuff,
why the sudden need to share?

Because, its my blog and I can.
LOL! Just kidding!

Its because I want a way to vent, rant, and update on my progress with the things that are important and necessary for me to do, and this is the best way I have.

Plus, it gives you, as my reader, a chance to get to know me a little better!

Win/Win, am I right?!


Whooooo loves retro owls?! I DO!

I had shown a pic in my last post of a little pumpkin owl that i'd made for halloween.

For some reason lately, I have had a certain affinity for little retro looking owls, and I found this pic and just had to try my hand at it!

and here was my result!

Granted, I used a much smaller pumpkin, and I went for a more "horned owl" look,
but I thought he turned out Adorable!!

Frankly, all I did was cut circles for the eyes, a triangle for the nose, and hot glued the pumpkin seeds on (after i'd dried them and gave them a little dusting with some black spraypaint)

So in honor of my little pumpkin experiment, I thought i'd share some more photos of fun retro owls!



As I've said before, I LOVE Halloween!

So, of course, when it came to costumes, we went all out this year.

House decorations, not so much, but we ended up not being home anyway, so it wasnt that big of a deal.

We ended up taking the kids over to Mikes parents house again (they always have a TON of kids, and a lot of the houses participate, which I think is way more fun)

Here are some pics of the costume-y fun!!

Ed-Luigi and Zach the Koopa Troopa.