This Thursday...

Its Turkey Day!!

Time to eat ourselves stupid, and give thanks for all of the wonderful friends and family we have.

I know for us, Thanksgiving is a very busy holiday. 

We have 3 families to visit (and eat with), so we have to plan our day out well in advance.

This year, its early lunch with my dad, early dinner with my mom, and late dinner/dessert with Mikes parents.

So with all of the Thanksgiving-y goodness going on, I
 thought I'd set the mood with some lovely handmade turkeys!

This one reflects my love of yarn


And last but not least, a little craft the boys and I did based on a post over at Easie Peasie

Zach's is on the left, Edward's on the right

This is just regular, washable paint on poster board.

 I cut them out and put yarn through them so we can use them as decorations.

We made 3 of each, so that way we have one for each grandma, and one for me :D

And of course the boys insisted I do one as well. They love to see mommy get messy.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun and love filled Thanksgiving

I am thankful for YOU!!


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