Finding myself....

Hello all! 

I've decided to rename my series. Instead of "Finding myself on a friday", its just "finding myself"

Unfortunately, fridays are apparently rough days for me to post on.

I've had all kinds of craziness going on.

Between Thanksgiving, crafting, and my possible new business venture, I've been running around like crazy.

I've also been working on my gift for the "Cold hands, Warm Heart" swap!

Im super excited about it, and I hope Lacretia from over at Readyheart will like what I'm whipping up!

Not too much else to update for today, but stay tuned! I've got good things coming up!

Much love!!


1 comment:

Lacretia said...

I'm sure I'll LOVE whatever you come up with! I sent you package out on Monday - let me know when you get it!