Finding myself on a Friday (monday edition)

Hello all!

Sorry I missed my Finding myself on a Friday post,
(how sad is that? its my second post in a series and I'm late for it!)
but Friday evening was full of wonderful gifted goodness, and this weekend was SUPER busy!

A quick update on how my first goal is going:

I've been trying really hard to spend a least one full, uninterrupted
(i.e. TV,Computer, Video game free time)
hour to devote to the kids.

Bestest buds
So far, we've done a couple of crafts (which I'll post pics of later)
and had a couple of serious heart-to-heart discussions

I'm really hoping that spending more "totally devoted" time with the boys will help with their behavior.
(I know. Some of you moms out there are going "uh, duh!",
but hey, I'm still learning how to do this whole "mom" thing, and frankly, I'm a little slow lol!)


On a side note, I brought some of my little crochet and fabric flower clips to a local children's-only hair salon, and the wonderful owner said she'd sell them for me!

she has a board for local moms (right now there are only 3 others besides me), and she only takes 15% to cover the taxes, so I may actually be able to make an ok profit!

I'm super excited, and I'm hoping that everything starts selling well.

Who knows, maybe I'll even open my own Etsy shop!

Well darlings, that's it for now for my Monday/ Friday update! Stay tuned for more!!


P.S.- any tips for selling your handmade products that would be helpful?
Leave me a comment to help me out!

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