As I've said before, I LOVE Halloween!

So, of course, when it came to costumes, we went all out this year.

House decorations, not so much, but we ended up not being home anyway, so it wasnt that big of a deal.

We ended up taking the kids over to Mikes parents house again (they always have a TON of kids, and a lot of the houses participate, which I think is way more fun)

Here are some pics of the costume-y fun!!

Ed-Luigi and Zach the Koopa Troopa.

We ended up buying Edwards costume (wal-mart baby!), but Zachs is just a stuffed turtle shell (I hate to admit it, but it was a dog costume that I altered) sewn to the back of his shirt, and a Koopa-looking head made out of felt (which Im pretty darn proud of).

I also made a fire flower and a star out of felt, but I didnt get any good pics :/ Crafter Fail.

Mario, Toad, Princess Peach, Luigi and Koopa

And heres the whole gang!

We didnt thinks Mikes brother was going to dress up, and when he showed up in his "mario" gear,
I about died! He looked awesome!

Also, remember how I had mentioned we had other pumpkins to carve?

Heres my favorite!

My little owl. I got inspired by another pic, DIY post to come soon

And here are all the pumpkins (sans our pirate) together!

We have a cat in a shoe, ghosts, skulls, my "Zach" face, my "Eddie" face, and the owl

Heres what is sitting behind the owl pumpkin

This was also one of my little DIY's. Its just a little wicker basket and styrofoam glitter skulls from the dollar store, left over fabric from my wreath (DIY coming soon), and an old halloween centerpiece.

Hope your halloween was as awesome as mine! and dont OD on candy!


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