A stupid reason to not write a blog post...

I know I've been a bit absent for the past week and I'd like to think that I have a good reason and a stupid reason.

The good reason is that we went on vacation last weekend to Siesta Key here in FL. We had a great time at the beach with the kiddos and the in laws, but the week leading up to it was a bit hectic and I didnt go anywhere near a computer while we were there.

The thing is, we got home from the beach on sunday.

The reason (which is stupid) that I havent written anything so far this week is because.... well....

I needed to get my nails done.

See? Stupid. But justifiable!

I just dont like to type when my nails get too long because its uncomfortable and can be downright painful if left too long. Since I have to type all day long at work, the desire to come home and type some more when its already bothering me is practically nonexistent.

Ok, I've had my confession for the week, now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts :D



Manic Mondays Music- 90s dance music extravaganza!

I have been on a serious 90s music kick lately. I've found the joy that is Spotify (if you want an invite, email me. This thing is freaken cool!) so I've been dredging up memories of songs that I havent heard in 10+ years. It is always nice to feel those old feelings again and remember what I was doing way back when. I'm going to do a little series on 90s music (although I may break from it every now and again when the mood strikes me. I like to keep you guys on your toes :D ) and will set up a playlist for future referrance (because you never know when the need for 90s dance hits will strike!).

Here is the first in my little series and probably one of my favorites: Finally by CeCe Peniston



It just makes me want to shake my booty!

Hope you have a super fab monday!

Love, GG


I did something a little crazy tonight....


Before you get too worried, no, I did not shave my head or tattoo "I love Mike" across my butt. I did, however, delete all of my old drafts of posts. Anything that was half (or a third, or almost totally) done got tossed in the trash can like a torn old sweater.

Why would I do something like that, you may be asking (actually, you're probably asking why I am even bringing it up since they're gone and you'll never, ever have to suffer through them). The reason is simple.

I want to be a better blogger.

Now this may seem a little counter productive to you. Delete posts to become a better blogger. I dont think that will be in a seminar any time soon.

The reason that I deleted all of my old stuff is because if I was really passionate about the post, if I had really enjoyed writing it and felt that it would be a great post....

I would've posted it.

Simple as that. If I havent gotten around to finishing these posts by now, there is probably a reason why and they are not good enough for me to put on my blog (which is supposed to be a reflection of me).

I'm tired of trying to model my blog to be like other more sucessful blogs. They arent me, I'm not them (thank you captain obvious). My blog is just that, Mine, and I plan on making it more a reflection of me as a person.

See? It all makes sense now! well... more sense anyway,.

Keep an eye out for some changes, some neat things, and a cool announcement or two.

Ali the Ginger Goddess


Happy Birthday to Me!

Just a quick post to say "Happy Birthday to Me!".

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

~~Love, GG~~


Manic Mondays Music, Pre-Birthday Party!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I've already spent most of the weekend partying (first with the girls, than my mom, grandma, brothers, aunt and uncles, than with my dad and stepmom!) so I thought todays Manic Mondays Music should be about girls having a great time!!

Via (this is sort of what I looked like friday night lol)

Hope you all had a great monday!!

~~Love, GG~~


A Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook,
 I have a confession to make... I have recently been thinking about leaving you. Perhaps not permanently... we could keep our status as "aquaintances", but the lure of something new is always hard to resist and, well... I've signed up for Google+.

My new friend is interesting, and no relationships are without flaws but I am having a hard time navigating and what buttons not to push.

Perhaps I should put my new friend on the backburner for a while... at least until I can get hold of
Google tech support.

With Love,

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Manic Mondays Music

I know that summer is almost over and the kiddos will be heading back to school soon, but I think we should all enjoy a little summer jam while we still can!

Personally, I really like Will Smiths early stuff (you know, before he became an actor in anything but Fresh Prince of Bel Aire).

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!

~~Love GG~~