DIY: Decorating my bathroom- The idea phase

Now that we've been in our new house for a few months, I’m trying to start working on decorating. I’ve done a little in a couple of rooms, and my oldest sons room is pretty much done, and now I’m turning towards the master bathroom. I LOVE this bathroom. It was the clincher for me when we chose our house. I spend a lot of time there, it’s my place to close the door and relax with minimal interruption. I decided on a purple and green color scheme (my 2 favorite color), and now I’m working on getting pieces that fit into the design (I do mainly thrift stores and Salvation Army. I like to reuse :D).


Tutorial: DIY Light Box

Yesterday, my darling fiancé and I took on a little DIY project. He paints miniatures (his "little men" as I call them) for a game called Warhammer (check out his blog!: http://mikedthreeb.blogspot.com/ ), but he needed a light box to be able to photograph them (find out about light boxes here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_box and here http://www.studiolighting.net/homemade-light-box-for-product-photography/ ). So he whipped together a quick frame (just some 1/2 inch dowel rods, nailed together to make 3 sides. Bottom measurement is approx. 18", height was 13"), and I attached some light, white muslin to the sides, and one full piece for the bottom, back and top (just quickly straight stitched on my singer, nothing super complicated, honestly).


Au Natural facial cleanser


I’m typically down for anything that’s organic, natural, chemical free, etc., but even I was skeptical of the "clean your oily face with oil" facial cleansing method. I first read about this on my favorite forum, Punky Moms , and they typically don’t steer me wrong, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’ve been using this for several days now, and frankly, it’s AWESOME! I normally do it at night when I’m showering before bed, and it makes my skin feel super clean (cleaner then when I use facial cleansers or soap), and tight (and my darling fiancĂ© says it makes me smell "like a hippy").

I started off with the 50/50 method of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and castor oil for the first time, then added a tad more castor oil because my skin still felt a little "oily" after I’d wiped it off and rinsed. I also threw in a little tea tree oil because of the antibacterial properties it has (hence the "hippy" smell).

If you have trouble skin like I do, think about this next time you're shopping the super-expenisve facial cleanser eisle, and maybe grab some EVOO and castor oil instead!



Happy National Flip Flop Day!!

I couldnt let this most wonderful of holidays pass me by without a quick note. I spend a majority of my time in flip flops. Im not sure if its my lovely florida lifestyle, or that my feet need their freedom, but i cant live without them in some way, shape, or form. I even wore them at my [first] wedding.

Read about the history of flip flops here: http://www.pecheblu.com/history.php


Tutorial: Learned something new!- Blind Hem

I got to spend some time Sunday with my mentor/sewing inspiration/all around coolest lady ever, my grandma. I had brought my bag of sewing projects (things I was fixing/altering for my "paying" customers lol) so I could get her advice on a certain pair of pants that were giving me some trouble. So she jumps on her (no lie) 50 year old singer sewing machine that still works like a dream, and proceeds to show me something called a blind hem. I'd seen the stitch on my machine before and had no clue what it did or what it was for (on the machine, it looks something like this: __/\__/\__). Once she showed me how to use it, it was a little bit of an "oh crap" moment for me. I'd seen her do stitches like that on my pants before, but never knew how she'd done it (I thought it was some sort of grandma magic).


Be gentle, its my first post...

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Alicia, and I am the Ginger Goddess. I’m a 27yr old mother of 2, working to improve myself and to become a better mother, wife, daughter, woman, and all around Goddess.

What is a Ginger Goddess you might ask? Does that have something to do with a tasty root used in Japanese food? No, no it does not. By "Ginger" I refer to the small part of the population that is fair skinned, red haired, and freckled. Most are Irish, some are just unlucky.

This blog was created to document my ideas, inspirations, opinions, trials and tribulations. I have plenty of hobbies (most of them old lady ones, such as knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, and sewing), and this will also be a showcase for my creations. I hope that as I’m learning and creating, I can inspire others to find their inner crafty-bitch, break out the hot glue gun and CREATE!!