Au Natural facial cleanser


I’m typically down for anything that’s organic, natural, chemical free, etc., but even I was skeptical of the "clean your oily face with oil" facial cleansing method. I first read about this on my favorite forum, Punky Moms , and they typically don’t steer me wrong, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’ve been using this for several days now, and frankly, it’s AWESOME! I normally do it at night when I’m showering before bed, and it makes my skin feel super clean (cleaner then when I use facial cleansers or soap), and tight (and my darling fiancé says it makes me smell "like a hippy").

I started off with the 50/50 method of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and castor oil for the first time, then added a tad more castor oil because my skin still felt a little "oily" after I’d wiped it off and rinsed. I also threw in a little tea tree oil because of the antibacterial properties it has (hence the "hippy" smell).

If you have trouble skin like I do, think about this next time you're shopping the super-expenisve facial cleanser eisle, and maybe grab some EVOO and castor oil instead!


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