Tutorial: Learned something new!- Blind Hem

I got to spend some time Sunday with my mentor/sewing inspiration/all around coolest lady ever, my grandma. I had brought my bag of sewing projects (things I was fixing/altering for my "paying" customers lol) so I could get her advice on a certain pair of pants that were giving me some trouble. So she jumps on her (no lie) 50 year old singer sewing machine that still works like a dream, and proceeds to show me something called a blind hem. I'd seen the stitch on my machine before and had no clue what it did or what it was for (on the machine, it looks something like this: __/\__/\__). Once she showed me how to use it, it was a little bit of an "oh crap" moment for me. I'd seen her do stitches like that on my pants before, but never knew how she'd done it (I thought it was some sort of grandma magic).

What it’s for: The blind hem is done for anything dressy or fancy so there isn’t a line of stitching right across the front of the garment.

How it works: instead of stitching the two pieces of fabric together when you fold the hem under, you sew on the inside part of the hem (the part you folded under) and every few stitches, it reaches out and "grabs" a stitch from the front of the garment.

How to do it: Fold under your hem, just like you normally would with a regular hem. Lay the folded part flat (this is the part you will actually be sewing on) and fold the rest of the garment back (so it looks like the beginning of an accordion). Sew straight along the edge of the fold, and watch as the blind hem does its magic!

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