Happy National Flip Flop Day!!

I couldnt let this most wonderful of holidays pass me by without a quick note. I spend a majority of my time in flip flops. Im not sure if its my lovely florida lifestyle, or that my feet need their freedom, but i cant live without them in some way, shape, or form. I even wore them at my [first] wedding.

Read about the history of flip flops here: http://www.pecheblu.com/history.php

They can be Fun:


Recyclable: http://www.uniqueco-designs.com/ (really very intersting, check it out!)


Photo courtesy of http://www.houserice.com/japzorsan.html
(these are called Zori. Just FYI)


photo courtesy of http://www.ladybead.com/

or Top-Less
(yes, you are not mistaken, those are flip flops that adhere to the bottoms of your feet so as not to leave tan lines)
But however you wear your flip flops, dig 'em out, slip 'em on, and give those toesies some air!

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