Its official, I am now the grandma of six adorable, tiny, furry little kittens!

Too. Cute.

We took mama cat in (appropriately named "booger") about 4 weeks ago because i couldnt bear the thought of leaving her outside in the cold-ish temperatures (its florida. it doesnt get "cold" here) or leaving something to happen to her kittens when she had them.

Booger in all of her preggo glory. Note the little white mark under her nose that looks like,well, a booger.

March the 1st she decided to deliver the first of her litter at my moms feet while she (my mom, not the cat) was trying to take out the garbage. After she moved mama and kitten into the pre-prepared bathroom she called me frantic and I had to talk her through what to do. My instructions were as follows:

"leave her alone"

Right after baby #1 made its appearance

Yes, you read that right. Cats know what need to be done and typically dont need help delivering (unless they are some kind of fancy breed, it happens more often then, or so i've read). She had 3 more kittens by the time I got home an hour later.

Kitteh Snuggles!

It took another hour and a half before #5 showed up and #6 made his appearance sometime during the night. We ended up with 5 boys and 1 lovely little girl.

This is Rex
This has been a really wonderful experience for the kids, especially Edward. He is in love with those kitties (to the point that he checked out "cat fancy" magazine at the library. I am not kidding).

This one we're calling Heffer because of his cow-like spots

He is learning about how the babies were born and how they are developing as they hit their milestones (they just opened their eyes and are now starting to try and walk around more).

The aptly names "curious George"

He is also going to have to deal with the loss of (most) of the kittens when they hit 8 weeks and we have to give them away. I know we arent going to be able to handle 8 cats in the house so they are going to my best friend who works at a kennel and who has promised to find good homes for the babies.

I will be uploading lots of cute kitty pics for the next couple of weeks, so be prepared. Also, if you're in the Orlando, FL area and are interested in one of these adorable balls of fur, email me.

Much love!