Its a Beautiful Day!

Quick recap of the weekend:

Got some cleaning done, Yay!!


All 3 boys (mike and the kids) got their hair cut, which may lead into a new business venture for me... but I'll post more about that later.
Made out like a BANDIT at a local multi-family yard sale. I got 2 wooden knick-knack shelves and a whole bag of clothes that I'm going to use as fabric for $4!!

Almost fell down the stairs. That sucked. Luckily for me I only ended up slipping down 2 or 3 stairs before I caught myself, but I did twist my ankle a bit.

Got some more work done on my Geisha tattoo! I'll make sure to post pics when its totally done :D

You know, I was originally going to title this post "Manic Monday".

But this morning, as I was driving to work, U2's "Beautiful Day" came on the radio. U2 is probably one of my FAVORITE bands, and that song in particular is in my top 3 favorites of theirs.

For some reason, when that song came on, and I started to sing along...loudly.... I actually took a look around. The sky was bright blue, its chilly outside, and everything really was... well.. beautiful!

So to everyone reading this, instead of having a "Manic Monday", stop and look around and see what a beautiful day it really is!!

Heres wishing you a Beautiful Week!


P.S.- Notice all the blue and white pics? I thought I'd add a little bit of wintery flavor since its cold out