When I realize I'm doing something wrong...

Well, not like I'm doing something illegal, like when I'm doing something incorrectly. 

I have a lot of "slapping the forehead" moments.

Take yesterday for example. 

I was mild mannered-ly working on my project for "cold hands, warm heart"

I pulled out a new skein of yarn,

but instead of pulling the end on the outside of the skein like I normally do,

 I pull the one sticking out of the center on the end.

 and now, it works fabulously, and I dont have to fiddle with the yarn flipping around while Im working 

(just FYI in case Lacretia is reading this, this is NOT the yarn that I'm using for your gift,
 this is just an example :D)

I've also learned how to "follow" blogs via google. 

I know, for seasoned bloggers, this is probably a pretty "duh" sort of thing,

but apparently I was doing it wrong, and didnt realize it till my Honey mentioned 
that I was not following his blog

"yes I am" I retorted. 

"no, youre not" he said. 

So I checked, and low and behold, I wasnt. 

Again, another slap-the-forehead, duh moment. 

It may sound silly, but I actually kind of like it when stuff like that happens. 

Its not only nice because I've learned something new (yay!)

but it also makes me feel a little more human and fallible. 

What has given you a "duh" moment lately?

Still Learning,


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Lacretia said...

Hi Alicia! I'm so excited about the Cold Hands Warm Hearts exchange! I just finished putting your package together and it should be in the mail on Monday! :)

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to see what the yarn is for! (And don't worry about the color, I'm really not picky) Have a great week!