Finding Myself on a Friday

Hello all!

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to everyone about something that is very important to me.


No, seriously. This isnt going to be some rant on how awesome and fab I am. Frankly, its the opposite.

I've been working really hard on several aspects of my life, and havent really gotten very far with it,
so i've decided to start this new series of posts entitiled
"Finding myself on a Friday" to be able to be held more accountable. 

Now, I know you're probably thinking, this blog is mainly about crafty and DIY stuff,
why the sudden need to share?

Because, its my blog and I can.
LOL! Just kidding!

Its because I want a way to vent, rant, and update on my progress with the things that are important and necessary for me to do, and this is the best way I have.

Plus, it gives you, as my reader, a chance to get to know me a little better!

Win/Win, am I right?!

So I'm going to kick off this series by giving you a little insight on the 4 things I'm focusing on right now:

First and foremost: Spending more time with my kids.

Seems easy enough right? Not really.

Granted, I'm around my kids a lot (from the time I get home from work till the time they go to bed), but how much of the time we spend is really QUALITY time? Not as much as I'd like.

Second: Changing how I feel about my looks and weight

For me, how I feel is not based on the number on the scale (which I rarely every use), but how I feel when I look at myself. Right now, its a little off-kilter, which I'm not happy about, but worse then that is the fact that I dont FEEL good.

I'm tired, run down, and feeling a little gross lol.

I dont have a gallbladder, and have a stressed liver, so I am supposed to be careful with what I eat,
but I'm not most of the time.

Third: Working on managing my finances a little better.

I like to eat out, its my achilles heel. And it seems like that is where the majority of our money goes.

So thats my plan, not eating out, keeping better track of the $$'s.

And last but not least: Getting my house in order and organized.

I've talked about my organizational skills (or lack thereof) before. Since moving into our new house (which I LOVE and is fantastic, BTW), I have felt the need to clean and de-clutter.

Now, im not a horder by any stretch of the imagination (which my lovely finace might argue with), but I do have things that are antique-ish,
or have sentimental value that I really dont know what to do with/how to display.

So these are the main things I'm going to be working on.

Keep checking back on Fridays for my progress updates!

Much Love!

P.S.- What is it that you want to work on but cant get motivated? Please post a comment about it and we'll all hold each other accountable!

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