Organizing.... or "stuff i dont do"

Let me start off by making a little admission. Ive never been organized. Never. Ever. I've always had some amount of disorganized clutter just hanging around in the corners of my room and under the bed, hiding in the dark and making little clutter babies... 

Ok, so maybe its not THAT bad, but it's always there, nagging at me in the back of my mind. Like and itch you cant scratch.

Unfortunately for me though, having 2 little guys and a very busy lifestyle makes being unorganized not an option. That leads to leaving the house without the kid essentials (which I've done, numerous times), forgetting important dates and appointments, and running out of clean underwear.

Luckily for me though, my lovely and wonderful fiance is the organizational KING! Which, of course, is something that he learned from his equally lovely and wonderful mother (yes, so Im pandering a little to my future mother-in-law. Can you blame me? Honestly though, I adore her!)

Hes been a HUGE help for me, but frankly, if I dont want to do it for myself, I wont. I have that mental block, and no matter what he says or does, I just cant get my stuff together!

So how do the un- get organized?

Well, for me, i've been working on doing a to-do list. As silly and taboo as that sounds, its been working for me so far. I've been doing some research via 43folders and their Building a better to-do list.

I'm even using their "Hipster PDA"

Frankly, Im very forgetful. Its genetic. Almost everyone in my family is like that (sorry fam, you know its true) and we're all huge pack-rats. So writing things down when I think of them has been a huge help.

Its helping me remember the things that I have to do during the day, and then I can manage my time to be able to get it all done.

There are still plenty of things that Im still working on... like that pile of papers that need to be gone through, sorted and shredded, and the stacks of fabric that I need to turn into SOMETHING besides a stack of fabric, but im taking baby steps.

How do you organize and juggle all of the little to-do's in your life?

Have a wonderful day all!!


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