Tutorial: Crochet Baby Blanket

Finally!! i've been working on this blanket literally for months, but i've finally finished it up and delivered it!

Lovely little baby blanket in white and "Her blue jeans" bernat verrigated

This was made for alittle lady named Anna Victoria, so I stitched her initials in the corner. This was my first real time trying to stitch on crochet, and while i think it could look a little better,
I think it turned out pretty well, and her mommy LOVED it!!

It was a really easy pattern that I pretty much just made up lol!

For my crochet ladies who might be interested:

sc 150 chains, chain 3 to turn
hdc 150 back down the row, 3 sc to turn, change colors
dc 150 down the row, 3 sc to turn, change colors

and thats it! just keep changing colors and stitches as you go until its the size you want.


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Tonia said...

I love the blanket - utterly gorgeous!