My (Belated) Birthday post: Leu Gardens

With things being as crazy as they've been 'round our lovely little home the past few weeks, I have very severely been neglecting my blogging-ly duties, so first, let me apologize....IM SORRY!!

But Im back now and I plan on being a little better about posting. 

Just a quick little post (but slightly picture heavy) about my birthday :D The day before I had a lovely party with my family, where I got lots of fab things (my mom bought me the entire "twilight" series, and my uncle got me an Alton Brown cookbook :D)

Heres my little guy with my Grandma. She looks pretty good for 80, huh?!

The super fab chocolate chip cheesecake my mom made me in lieu of a cake

I had taken the day of my birthday (monday) off, so I dropped the boys off at daycare, and took myself on a much needed walk through Leu gardens, a lovely little garden hideaway in between Winter Park and Orlando. 

Normally its free on Mondays, but since there was a wedding going on, I had to pay a whopping $7 to get in.

I took my book (I was reading "Eat, Pray, Love") and my crochet, but ended up being so enthralled with the lovely flowers and trees that I didnt bring either out.

Of course I took lots of pictures, and it was really difficult for me to pick which ones to post: 

Part of the lake that is in the middle of the gardens. You can see downtown Winter Park in the back ground

The Gazebo and little dock so you can look out at the lake (and NOT feed the alligators)

It had just stopped raining when I got there, so everything was still dripping

Some really lovely Bamboo

For some reason, this plant reminded me of the back of a ladies head

Looking up at the floral clock. It was filled with little purple flowers that day :D

One of the beauties in the Rose Garden

The Herb Garden

I found this little lady hiding amongst the pots

This monarch decided to give me a little pose

As did this little moth

One of my favorite statues in the Gardens. I've photographed her before, 
but I try to never miss an opportunity

I loved the way this vine looked on the side of this tree. 

There were little tadpoles growing inside this flower

I loved these because they looked like they had leopard spots!

This beautiful tree reminded me of Fern Gully

I loved the purple on the insides of these plants. They're called Persian Shield

Loved these little purple flowers

In the Arid Garden

Wonderful perspective. Cactus' can be pretty too!

a HUGE cactus

I loved the way the bark looked on this Japanese Magnolia tree

Im not sure if these were plants or weeds, but I loved the checkerboard type design on them

Another garden beauty, enjoying the sunshine

The "Idea Garden". I really was inspired by the textures and colors

My favorite, a Scarlet Daisy

Little feet on the bottom of a planter :D

Looking out over the grounds

And the day after my birthday my best friend of 20+ years (we met when we were 5) took me to the Enzian theater in Maitland to see my favorite movie of all time, Labyrinth, starring David Bowie and his codpiece :D

Here I am with my best friend, Cassie. Of course, I look like crap and she looks Fab as always :D

I hope you all enjoyed my pics, and have a wonderful weekend!!


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