How do your loved ones live with your hobby?

So yesterday, after we get home from doing a Joanns run, my fiance starts to tell me about this blog that he follows.

 Granted, hes a nerd, and he typically follows nerd blogs about his "little man" game (i.e. Warhammer*), but this was a post by one of the nerd bloggers Wives. He said she does it from time to time, and he thinks its cute and nice to get her perspective.

So how do you balance your family and your hobby/business? Do you have specific "work time" and "family time"? Or like this family, do you have a specific place and time for your hobby, and the rest of the week is devoted to spending time with the ones you love?

I've been finding this is a difficult balance to strike.

I really cant get much sewing done while the kids are up and around (they are such good helpers), and frankly, with all of the housework, schoolwork, and general exhaustion, its hard to get anything done at all!

The only thing that seems to work for me is the hour right after the kids go to bed is reserved for my wandering attentions.

Sometimes I crochet

Sometimes I sew

Sometimes I just sit and play on Facebook (yes, its a sad addiction)

But its just a little time for me to do the stuff that helps keep me going.

To create, and relax. And luckily for me, while im doing my thing, my honey is painting his little men :D

*For those who dont know, the "little men" game, called Warhammer, or sometimes 40k (its a sub-type of the game), is kind of like Risk with figurines

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