I have been a naughty blogger.....

I know I've been absent, and
"I promise to make more frequent updates to this site"

Unfortunately for me, life has gotten in the way of my blogging-ly pursuits, and I havent been able to update as often as I like.

But Im going to do my best to change that!

A sucessful blog is a frequently updated blog from what I've learned, and I know for me personally, I get bored checking back on a blog when it hasnt been updated in a week (or a month, or longer sometimes).

So I am now bound and determind to update more frequently, and hopfully post more crafty-type stuff in the process. I've got a lot of super cool ideas going right now, and will be making most of them a reality (or at least a proto-type) within the near future.


Heres a virtual High Five.... for moral.


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