DIY: Refurbished table

Well, I was planning on posting this yesterday, but blogger was being lame and wouldnt let me upload the pics, so here goes!

I've had a little side table floating around the house for a few years now (well,at least one year was spent in storage). My mom brought it home from my step-dads fathers house. 

It was wobbly, the top layer of wood was coming apart, and it was just generally ugly.

 I'd been meaning to do something with it, but I've just never had the time. Finally, this past weekend we found some time! The boys were with their paternal grandmother, so we took advantage of some "no helper" time to do some big projects.

First, we (and when I say "we" I mean my finace, i was working on another project lol) glued the top back together, and sanded down the old varnish.

Then, my fiancé cut a piece of mdf board that mimicked the shape of the table top,
 glued and screwed (lol!) it on.

Then the fun began. This cute little table was destined to go in the master bathroom, which will soon be purple (thats another thing on the to-do list), so I decided to paint it a glossy white. 

We busted out the spray paint, and hooked up a lovely little spray nozzle that I read about over at Centsational Girl at home depot for about $2, and got to painting. 

We had to do a couple of extra coats, because the raw wood was just soaking the paint up like crazy, and it still looks slightly antiqued

Im absolutely LOVING the way it looks now, and it fits just right in our bathroom.

I think it'll really pop when we get the walls painted.

Heres to a creative day!!


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