Happy Halloween!! 80s and pumpkins!

I LOVE Halloween! I've spent most of the week this week doing things to get ready for it (which is why i've fallen behind in my blogging.... sorry!)

(also this week, we've had a field trip, a concert, and parent teacher conferrance!
we were busy bees this week)

We've had costumes to finish, pumpkins to carve, and plans to ready for the big night. So far we have 3 houses to visit (family and friends) before we meet up at my fiances parents to actually start the candy-fest!
This year at work, they decided to do a 70s and 80s themed party, telling everyone to wear their best 70s and 80s costume, or just a regular halloween costume.

I was channeling Cyndi this morning

I didnt wear my regular costume because my sewing machine decided to crap out on me
before I was able to finish it :(

Luckily for me, I have a wonderful grandma who is willing to let me "borrow" hers (i.e. shes probably going to do most of it for me before I get there tonight to finish it)
I am AMAZED at how many people dressed up!!

My girlfriend Pat from work dressed up as RiffRaff from Rocky Horror. She looked AMAZING!
We had so much fun eating, laughing, and doing the Time Warp!!

I also carved one of our pumpkins with the kids the other day
( I have 3 more small ones to do, but im going to wait till tomorrow)

the pumpkin working station

My Big Guy by his Big pumpkin!
This was before I told him he was going to have to go through the pumpkin glop to get the seeds :D
He wasnt thrilled at that job
Not everyone was as excited as Edward and I about carving the pumpkin

Heres the finished product!

Now, some of you out there may have the awesome talent to carve your pumpkin freehand and make up a design. I personally use the little books of patterns that you can get at any store this time of year.

Edward picked this pattern out, of course.

I think with the smaller ones i'm going to just do faces, and I have one other idea that im really excited about (of course i'll post about it once its done).

Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween everone!!


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