Tutorial: Magnetic Makeup Board

 I found this awesome little pic/tutorial on pinterest for a magnetic board for makeup. Needless to say I was smitten and had to make my own!

All of my makeup was living in a little makeup bag and was constantly being shoved around under our bathroom cabinets.
After digging around a little, I found an old frame that I didn't want to throw out but hadn't found a use for yet. After a coat of white semigloss it was ready for the next step. (You'll have to pardon the lack of "in the process" pictures. I was so excited I totally forgot to take them!)

We picked up a piece of thin sheet metal from our local Home Depot and Mike measured and cut it to size for me (we don't have any special metal cutting tools, I think he just used some tin snips).

Once the metal was cut to size, I liberally applied some mod podge to it and covered it in some heavy paper i'd gotten a while back at the art supply store (this was apparently the project for making use of stuff I had lying around). I used gloss mod podge for this because I wanted it to be a little shiney (btw, mod podge is my new favorite thing), and after it dried I coated it all in a clear top coat (the tutorial mentioned that mod podge can make the surface a little sticky, and it did. The top coat gave it a smoother feel and weighed the paper down a bit so there weren't any bubbles.).

I put the metal in the frame and put the backing back on, just like normal.

Than I hot glued some round magnets to the backs of my make up, and tossed on some small magnetic boxes id picked up at ikea, and was done. The whole project took about 3 hours and cost about $30 (the most expensive thing was the sheet metal at around $20).

Fab little birdie paper

The finished product! And my lovely purple walls :D

From the side. Note the lovely little boxes from Ikea. I think I may mod podge those too lol

I am super happy about being able to reuse things that I wasnt sure what to do with but didnt have the heart to throw away, make something fun to hang on the wall in our newly painted bathroom, and find a functional place for my makeup!

Hope you were able to make it over the hump this week!!



phil said...

Very Cool:)

Laura said...

Wanted to let you know I'm featuring your make-up board in a Magnetic Make-up Board Round up.


Labix said...

BEWARE: This is a great idea that does NOT work. Makeup contains a metal called titanium dioxide, so when I put the magnet on the bottom, the ingredients in the makeup separated. It can ruin a lot of expensive makeup. It is a very creative idea, though. It will work if you can find makeup that doesn't have titanium dioxide.