Spring has sprung!

a lovely flower I found on my walk

I decided to take a little walk on my lunch break today (Im testing out this new system for lunch that gives me more free time. Its called "brown bagging it" lol.). I noticed how beautiful all of the flowers were and the little birdies and buggies were out and about.

Its crazy to think that its already spring! Here in the FL spring and summer tend to run together with the main difference being in the spring its still a little chilly in the mornings and it doesnt rain every afternoon.

We had a nice weekend and spent most of the day saturday painting the master bathroom (pictures to come!) and puttering around with the kiddos, then went to Old Town on Sunday and wandered around with the family.

Its funny how much time you find you have when the house is clean, homework is done, and you havent made any plans.

I am working on taking some pictures of some recent projects (including the bathroom :D) and will be posting them soon! Dont forget to follow me on Facebook to get hints on upcoming projects!!


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