Before I go to sleep...

I've just finished reading a book that my future mother-in-law recommended to me called "Before I go to sleep" by S.J. Watson.

All I have to say about it is "wow".

The book is sort of like a mix between Memento and 50 First Dates (other than it is not a comedy by any stretch of the imagination).

The main character is Christine. You find out early on that she has short term memory loss from a mysterious "accident" and she can only retain information until she sleeps, than it all disappears. There are all kinds of twists and turns as you find out what happened to her and how she starts to figure things out by writing in a journal every day so that she can start to connect what happens from day to day.

After reading this book, I started to think "what would happen if I were to lose my memory? What would it be like not to remember my kids, my fiance, my mom?". Than, I started to realize all of the things that we take for granted in a day, all of the things we forget.

Im a very forgetful person even though I'm only 28. Often I forget things that happened in the morning by the time I go to bed.

Thats why I've decided to start keeping a journal, and taking pictures every day.

Im going to do a trial run of this for a month because, lets be honest, Im not the best at keeping with something day to day.

I'll probably be updating the blog with some of the entries and pics just so im accountable (dont worry, im not going to post every day and bore you with the mundane aspects of my life, which are many lol).

So here are some pics that I took today:
My boys goofing around in the grocery store

Edward outside of the grocery store acting weird.

Hangin in the backyard

Zach was dancing around. I had a heck of a time getting him to stand still!
 I hope you will keep checking back to see whats goin on with me and the fam!


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