Manic Mondays Music!

Monday morning has found me with a bit of bad news. Sassy Smolak has decided to close down her little blog (which was my inspiration for Manic Mondays music. With her permission of course). I really enjoyed reading her blog and will miss her fun projects.

But on to the music...

I have to admit that when Katy Perry came out with her first single (that I had heard) "I kissed a girl" I was impressed. I really liked her edgy sound. Pretty much everything since then has been a disappointment. Im all about bubble gum pop, but I think that shes putting herself in a genre that she may not be able to get out of.

Her newest song "E.T" reminds me of "I kissed a girl" and frankly... I LOVE IT!!
 Plus shes totally adorable lol!


Isnt she just Fab?

I hope you all have a wonderful crafty-ful week!


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