A new year and a new chance to sparkle!
I have a really good feeling about 2012 (no, I do not believe that the world is going to end. Sorry Mayan Calendar). I am looking forward to getting my AA degree (2 more classes!!) and starting my Batchlors programs, spending more time crafting, spending more time with my boys, getting more exercise and getting healthier overall and improving my financial situation.

I know, these sound like the standard run of the mill resolutions, but I dont really look at them that way. To me, they are achievable goals, not resolutions that I'll forget about by January 15th.

I took the first of January and did a total craft-area overhaul. I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I didnt need/wont use, organized my fabric and craft stuff, found some projects that I'd forgotten about and generally cleaned up a bit. It was so nice to work on my newest project with everything in its place, enough room to move without tripping on everything and a fresh, new outlook.

I've also given up regular soda. This one is rough for me. I loves me some Coke Classic in the morning for my caffine boost. So far I've switched to Coke Zero (all the caffine, none of the calories! Babysteps people.) and havent had much of an issue.

I am really looking forward to keeping everyone updated with my failures and sucesses and hearing about your progress as well! Feel free to email or facebook message me! I love hearing from people!!!

Dont forget to sparkle!!


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