Recruitment is over, now the real fun begins!

You may recall my post from a few weeks ago where I mentioned starting roller derby recruitment. Well last Wednesday was my final "skills test" and today I find out if I've made it into the league!

Our league logo. Click to head to our website

I'm feeling pretty confident about making it in and I got a lot of encouragement and tips from the Psychos (the girls already skating on teams).

I feel very lucky to have gotten in with such an awesome group of women. There isn't really any of the petty bitchiness that tends to happen when you get a group of very outspoken girls together, and everyone is very supportive and willing to help.

Our awesome group of recruits. Im the tiny one in the middle with the purple helmet.

(Yeah I know this probably sounds like I'm pandering but I'm really not. The girls are just that awesome).

Ill leave you with a video of us doing the cupid shuffle in the middle of Ale House after wednesdays test. And this is before we started drinking.

Derby Girls Cupid Shuffle

Much love,

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