Sometimes you just get inspired....

I was sitting at work today reading/looking at the poem that Neil Gaiman had created for  Burton Olivers new backpiece ("Tattoos are only for the committed..." which I find incredibly poignant) and listening to Massive Attack on my spotify, and for some reason I got the urge to paint.

I found this urge incredibly interesting because not only did I not want to paint anything in particular, but I also dont paint. At all. Except maybe a little on T-shirts (more on that later).

So in an effort to pass on my weird moment of inspiration, here is the beautiful poem and artwork done by Neil and artist David Mack...

Check out the story Here
And Teardrops by Massive Attack (a: the video is a little weird. b: you may recognize the song as the theme from "House")

Hope you feel inspired too now!

Much Love,

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