On Big News!


I feel like I can finally announce that I'll be opening my Etsy shop, Ginger Goddess Designs, this Friday, October 25th!! I'm super excited (and nervous, and anxious) to start this new chapter for my crafting. I've wanted to do an Etsy shop now for years, but never felt like what I was making was marketable enough to sell. Sure, I have friends that ask me to make and do stuff all the time, but I've not been the best about time management so it would take me forever to get anything done and I would end up disappointed in myself. No more. I've got a couple of embroidered items to sell, a screen printed shirt or two, and some items that I'm making specifically for Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls as merchandise. I'm sticking with things that I like to make and I know someone like me would be interested in (younger, female, slightly nerdy and very crafty).


The idea of having an Etsy shop has been a dream of mine and I'm looking forward to showing everyone the things I've been working on. If you have any ideas or suggestions of things that you'd like to see in my shop, feel free to contact me! I read all of my comments and emails and will consider suggestions that are within my realm of ability.

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