A quick update and some fun pictures!

Hello all! Just thought I'd give a quick update on how things are going in my little world.

 First, I have an admission to make..... I LOVE BLOGGING! Ive not only had so much fun writing my own blog, but I have found so many interesting and inspiring blogs to follow!

Placed on the edge of one of my co-workers desks :D

 So many in fact, that I had to move them from the main screen of my blog to its own little separate link. Check out the blogs I follow here.

Other then that, life has been pretty normal here in FL.

My fab fiance and I have both been working a lot, so not much crafty stuff has been going on, much to my dismay.

Fun little gator sitting on blankets

But on the up side, my little alterations business has been picking up! Ive been doing a lot for friends a family, and I put up a poster at work, so I've been getting some business from there too.

Most of what I've been making (money wise) goes right back into supplies, but its nice to feel like I'm doing a business that's mine, not one I'm working in for someone else.

Picked up this fab pincushion cuff from Big Lots for $1!!

I'm still working on my coworkers baby blanket. its coming along slowly. I don't know if its lack of time or motivation, but for some reason its just taking me forever! I think part of the reason is because I lost my favorite crochet hook, so I'm having to use a little plastic one instead :( I'll make sure to post pics when its done.

My change gnome who lives on my desk at work

We're also working on making better decisions when it comes to our lifestyle. Specifically working on our diet (my fiance is diabetic, and i have liver problems due to not having a gallbladder) and exercising more, and being more careful with our finances.

Edward playing with my disco ball

Found this little guy under my desk the other day. Isnt he cute!

But other then that, life is swell! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and wish you love and luck!!


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