Color Me Rad: 5k Benefiting the Ronald McDonald House

I decided to do something stupid over the weekend.

Super awesome swag

I ran a 5K! It was an event I did with some of my derby girls. I'd signed up for it months ago with the idea that I'd do the Couch to 5k training and be all kinds of in shape for it.

I was feeling rad

Needless to say, that didnt happen. I think I ran on my treadmill twice. I was really worried I was going to get out there and die.

Clean and pretty before the race

Our group consisted of me, my hunny, my derby wife Steph, her sister Jen (who is also one of my teammates), Jens husband, one of our refs and one of our new Psychos.

We're hardcore

The wifey wasnt planning on participating but a last minute dropout left a space open for her. The race was sold out.

All in all, I did better than I had expected. I ran most of the race, walked part of it and only really ran out of breath once. It was great to have my hunny right there with me cheering me on.

The best part of the race. You can see how much color was in the air (and on the people)

While Im super proud of myself for finishing, It made me realize how out of shape I really am. I have got to start working on my endurance if Im going to improve in derby.

Me and the hunny. Aint we cute?

After we crossed the finish line, there were people handing out waters, granola bars and color packets. I, of course, grabbed Sunnyland teal and Steph grabbed Arkham green.

Being tainted with each others team colors

Wifey love.

She got more color on me than the race did. 

The aftermath
After a bite to eat and a good long shower, I picked the kids up from their dad and took them to a birthday party. After dropping them back off with their dad, I went home and passed out. 

Not a bad way to spend a saturday.

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