One a day challange: Not so much

I love my little owl, and this is my
new blue striped shirt and vest
 I know this is starting to sound like a familar tune, but the last couple of days i've totally been a slacker when it comes to my crafting. Last week, i did do a little heart based off the pattern for this awesome Heart Garland I saw over at Oh So Lovely, but I havent taken a pic of it yet. I know, bad me...

On a side note, check out my little zipper owl! I got him at forever 21 last year around my birthday (in august), and he is probably one of my favorite accessories. I think he is what started my newfound obsession with owls.

I paired him up with my new blue and white stripped top and blue vest that I got from Kohls the other day (on sale for $14!).

I've also been finishing up my Valentines for the Altered Art Junkies Swap. I'll post pics of those as soon as their done too.

So right now, I have plenty of stuff in the works, but not much finished yet... lol!! Stay Tuned!!

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dianajeanne said...

I love your little owl too!