Random Ramblings and a trip to Seaworld!

I decided to ROCK some fuchsia
tights and sweater Monday.
I think I blinded some
of my Co-workers

 Here i go, a-rambling again! 

I know its Tuesday and I've been a bit absent, but I spent the end part of last week actually planning out the things i wanted to make this week (I know, I know, Me? PLAN?! heaven forbid!)

I've got a couple of ideas for some projects, and I'm still working on my Valentines for the AAJ Swap, so I've still been a busy little bee even though I havent been posting much.
Keep your eyes open this week for some new little creations coming from the GG household.

On a side note (since these are my random ramblings), we took a trip to Seaworld over the weekend, and had an absolute blast! It was Edwards first time, and he had soooo much fun seeing all the animals! Here are a couple of the pics:

What is Florida known for?

Edward was much more interested in the roller coaster.


This little guy was sleeping. Too Cute!

And Gators!

We got to pet the (de-stingered) Stingrays

Saw some HUGE catfish 

Saw the sea lion and otter show (these guys we're just enjoying the Florida sun)
Sweet Shot Day


This was the door to the restaurant where we had lunch. I thought it was a neat way to display spices

Eddie on the sea creature carousel

Zach playing in the sand

My 3 guys being silly with a polar bear

The beautiful coral reef in the Manta aquarium

Eddie with the coral

Eddie about had a heart attack when he saw the octopus

This was a neat little tube the kids could get into to see what it was like inside of the tank

Zach had to get into it too

The sting ray tank. there must've been 50 of them in there!

My boys, tired after a long day!

I hope you all had a Wonderful weekend!!


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love and life ♥ said...

Aww these photos look so fun! I want to go see animals...and be in Florida where it's warm! xx

Sara said...

Great Photos looks like you had a lot of fun.