Today I love: Super Shiny Sparkles!

I dont know a girl who doesnt absolutly love anything sparkly or glittery. I am no different, so when one of my girlfriends from work came in with fabulously sparkly nails, I knew the next time I got my nails done (yes, thats pretty much the only really "girly" thing I do. I love getting my nails done!) I would be getting some sparkle too!

Image Via This is what I have on my nails right now
I decided on the OPI brand Sparkle-icious nailpolish. I loved the blue, purple and gold mixed in, and it matches with just about everything I have (not that I've ever been super concerened with matching)

So in honor of my new sparkley nails, i've decided to share the sparkly love (have i said sparkly enough yet in this post?!)

Super sparkly acrylic ring? yes please!

So Fab. Via

Not just for St Patricks day anymore!

 Not only is this an awesome pic, but glittery gloves? Heck yeah!

I've always loved to use glitter in my makeup... it gives you that "Im a fairy princess!" feeling.

What kind of sparkly things really give you that feeling of Fab?!
Stay tuned for some "One a Day Challange" soon!


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