Valentines day recap and Love song playlist!

I dont know about you, but I had a WONDERFUL Valentines day, even though we didnt do anything super out of the ordinary. My darling Mike surprised me at work with a bouquet of purple and yellow daisies, with a little love note. It made me all tear-y eyed :D

My Lovely Flowers and Card

One of the flowers broke off, so it found a new home in my little fish bowl (sans fish)

I also got in all of my Valentines from the Swap, but i'll post some pics of those later.

We went and did a lovely little dinner at Jasons deli with the kiddos, and other then being heartbroken because they were out of Tomato Basil soup (seriously, its to die for), it was really a blast.

A California Club, Baked Chips and Broccoli and Cheese soup.
We also decided to take a trip to our local hobby/camera shop, Colonial Photo and Hobby, so Mike could get some stuff for his little-man-making.

My boys perusing some Thomas the train stuff

My little Conductor

Edwards not too into trains, but he found a "haunted mine" playset that he was digging

"What Mom?!"

I enjoyed a little fun time with my favorite boys, and had a little snuggle time with the love of my life after the kiddies went to bed ;)

I had also decidede to make a little "Love song playlist" on my ipod, and thought I'd share some of my favorite lovey songs with all of you!! Now, keep in mind, some are a little corney and goofy, but... well, its me. What else do you expect?!

Here is the top 22 from my Valentine playlist: (I tried to include links to as many of the songs as possible, so you can listen and see what you like before you add them to your collection).

Led Zepplin-All my love

Ne-Yo- Because of you

Drake-Best I ever had (Not Safe For Children)

Loggins and Messina- Dannys Song

Journey- Faithfully

Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds- Fallin' in love

Sting- Fields of Gold

Jimi Hendrix- Foxy Lady (you have to dance to this song "Garth" style)

Tears for Fears- Head over heels

James Taylor- How sweet it is (to be loved by you)

The Partridge Family- I think I love you

Mario- Let me love you

Janet Jackson- Miss you much

Journey- Open arms

Ne-yo- Sexy Love

Tom jones- Shes a lady

Fiona Apple- Slow like honey

Shakespears Sister- Stay

Janet Jackson- Thats the way love goes

Sting- When We Dance

Elvis Perkins- While You Were Sleeping

Hot Chocolate- You Sexy Thing


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