Crochet Cowl

I hope you had a wonderful and safe new year! I know we did :D

We decided to spend New Years at Mikes parents house because we had the kids and didnt really want to go out. I decided to make use of my sitting around and do some crocheting. What I ended up with was this lovely cowl based on a pattern from Lion Brand called Vintage Cascade Cowl. I used Vannas choice yarn (not because its a lionbrand patter, but because it was on sale at Joanns :D) in Eggplant, purple print, charcoal grey and silver grey.

 The pattern actually calls for 5 different colors of yarn, but its a total of 16 rows, so 4 ended up working better for my sense of aesthetics because it divides evenly (yeah, im OCD like that).

I tried to stick pretty close to the pattern, using a J-10 hook to keep the gauge. It ended up taking me a couple of hours over 2 days, mainly because I wasnt working on it really adamantly, just kind of in between other stuff while I had a second to sit down.

I would choose the one day this week when it wasnt really cold to wear this to work.

I didnt really like wearing it doubled around my neck, just because it felt like a lot of fabric, but I think it'll be great when its cold.

Im really happy with how the ripples came out. I've never done anything like that before, and Im amazed at how simple it was. Really, if you know how to Double Crochet (treble for those in the UK), you can make this super cute cowl in any color!

I can post up a tutorial if anyone is interested, but the instructions on the lionbrand website are pretty simple.

Hope you're have a wonderful week!


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