My week/weekend of adventures!

Wow, what a first week to 2011!

I've taken on several new challanges, including my own "One a Day Challange", the "365 pictures for 365 days" that everyone seems to be doing, and becoming a "FLYbaby". I've also celebrated the first birthday of my best friend of 22 years' son, Logan! I made him a very special gift that I'll share a tutorial on soon.

1/6/10- my first picture. My odd child playing with his scarf

I've been working my little tail off to do my best with 2 of those challanges (taking a picture a day isnt too super hard :D) and have gotten pretty good results so far.

I have been doing my one thing a day (with the exception of last wednesday. The lazies got hold of me that day and i ended up doing nothing and going to bed early). and will be posting pictures and tutorials later in the week.
1/7/10- Day 2. Found this little lady at GoodWill. I loved how much she looks like my Geisha Tattoo!

I've also started 2 new classes this week (I am currently pursuing my AA in finance, and going to univeristy of phoenix online. You do 2 classes at a time for 9 weeks) which is why i've been a little absent.

1/8/11- Day 3: Beautiful Birthday Boy Logan, enjoying a frozen banana dipped in chocolate!

I've also started out with my baby steps on FLYlady. I have a shiny sink!! And I've been able to maintain it now for 4 days, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

I'm really trying to stick to my new years resolutions, and i've been doing ok so far. I still need to work on drinking less soda, and im going to be trying a zumba class today to start my exercising, so I am SUPER exicted.  

1/09/2011: Day 4- My little feetsies an the end of our bed

This is just a quick little update post. I'll have some goodies coming up later in the week, so stay tuned!!


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