One a day challange

You may remember from my "New year, New blog, New me!" post that I had challanged myself to make one thing a day starting January 1st. This includes my crochet, embroidery (which im still learning), knitting, sewing, etc. Im also including making it to a milestone on a larger project (of course, I set my own milestones. Everyone knows what they consider an accomplishment).

I know I personally have a lot of projects that are only about halfway done (thanks to my ADD crafting!) and plenty of things in mind that I WANT to do, so this was the perfect motivation to get things done and challange myself as well.

And then I got to thinking.... if Im working on a challange, why wouldnt my readers want to as well?!

So heres my challange to you!

Make one thing, every day.

Thats it. It doesnt have to be anything specific, or anything huge. Just create. If you do paper, graphic design, crochet, knit, quilt, photography, embroidery, needlepoint, ANYTHING, just make one thing. Super simple and everyone can participate!

You dont have to start jan 1st with me, but if you do decide to take this challange, please email me or comment on my most recent post so that I can make a list of people who are participating (and I'll include a link to your blog/site as well).

I'll be updating once a week so you can see what I've been up to, and also so I'm held accountable for sticking to the challange, and I encourage you to do so as well (again, email me or comment, or send me a link to your online updates).

Im also going to add a button on my sidebar so that you can show that you're participating and link back here.

I am SUPER excited about this, and I hope that I have some people wanting to maximize their creativity with me!!

Go get Creative!!


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