New Year, New Blog, New me!

Another year is gone, a new one on the way. Whenever Christmas and New years roll around, I tend to find myself not only reflecting on things that have happened in the past year (good and bad), but thinking of ways I can improve for the next. I don't really think of them as resolutions (to me, resolutions always seem so inflexible), but as goals and ideas to improve myself, my life and my family over the next year.
I've had plenty of setbacks and unfinished projects this year, and a bunch of things that were never even started. I've not taken care of myself the way that I should, and I've been lazy with housework and with my kids.

I've also had plenty of wonderful things happen as well! We got our first house, I started this blog, I've really dived head first into my crafting and sewing, and have found products that I enjoy making and can sell. I've learned some new tips and tricks, and some new skills that I'm super excited about and cant wait to start some new projects!

So in the vein of starting fresh and trying to improve my life, I'll be making some changes to the blog. Don't worry, all good things!! First, if you haven't already noticed, I've decided to add advertisements to my blog. I'll be doing some things to try and monetize a little bit more, and I'm even considering adding a donations button (seriously though, I'm still debating this one. Its really just to make everything a bit easier on me and make it easier for me to do everything that I do and still support my family).It was a hard decision to make, but my ultimate goal is to be able to blog and craft full time, so I don't have to work a day job and can be home with my kids, so this is my first step in that direction. Please keep in mind though, do NOT click on ads multiple times just to click them (this is a BIG no-no and the people at Google wont let me advertise anymore).

I'm also going to be changing up my writing style a bit, and doing more tutorials and talking about stuff that I know (which is pretty much crafting and finance lol). I want my blog to not just be about me and what I'm doing day to day (which is in fact pretty darn boring), but something that people will actually want to read and will hopefully help them in the long run. If there is anything that you are particularly interested in, or a question you have for me, please feel free to email me or post a comment with it and I'll work something up!

I'll probably also be experimenting with the layout and colors to see what I can come up with, so don't be afraid if you look in and see that the background is neon green!

There are plenty of other things I'm going to be working on in my personal life too. I'm going to post a little list here so not only will I be kept accountable, but so I can update with my accomplishments and hopefully encourage other people in their resolutions!
So here's my list:

1.  To get back into shape. This goal is difficult, so I've made some little mini goals for it too
     a) Stop drinking so much soda. right now, i drink several sodas a day. i want to get down to little or none a day
     b) Start eating better. Less red meat and "white" things (rice, bread, pasta, etc). Things I should be doing because of not having a gallbladder anyways.
     c) Start Exercising. Now, I don't just mean running on a treadmill or hardcore aerobics. I'd really like to get into yoga and some meditative type stuffs too. And maybe Zumba, I've heard that's a BLAST!
     d)Get more sleep. This one is better said then done. I need to sleep more. I'm one of those people who needs more like 10 hours instead of 8. We'll see how well that one goes.

2. Organize my craft supplies. My stuff is in messy piles all over our office. I know it drives my fiance nuts, and Its hard for me to get anything done like this, so organization here I come!

3. Create one thing a day. I've already started working on this one a bit (see that pic of the little tree above? I made that out of some $.25 foam coasters I bought from Ikea). That way I can not only keep up with my craftiness, but I can start working on products for the shop (see #4). A little caveat to that though. If I'm working on some sort of a large project, I want to achieve at least one milestone for the project a day (i.e. get to the next section or part of the project).

4. Start my own Etsy shop. I'd really like to get this started by March if possible. It'll probably be full of crochet stuff, and my hair clips, but I'm working on learning some other things too, like knitting and embroidery. I like to expand my repertoire of old lady hobbies :D

5. Save up an emergency fund by mid year. This is a big one, and partially where the blog and the shop come into play. Its something that is SO important. Everyone should have some kind of emergency fund set aside, in case something unexpected happens (which it always does). Its the #1 thing to do in every finance book, seminar, and class, and its where I need to start.

That's all I'm going to list for now. I'll adjust it as the year goes on and I achieve some goals and adjust others.

Please keep checking back for new tutorials, fun stuff, and stuff you may want to know!
Much love, and Happy Holidays!!!


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