Cold hands, Warm Heart Swap!

I did my first swap this last month, and it was such an awesome experience!

It was called "Cold hands, Warm Hearts", and it was dedicated to... you guessed it... Gloves!

This swap was set up by Sandy over at Sandy a la mode and Ilene from Much Love, illy
(go check out the link party at Much Love to see what everyone else got!)

The limit was $25, and it had to be mailed out by Dec 1st.

My swap partner was Lacretia from Readyheart and let me tell  you, I LOVED my box!!

I got it in the mail on wednesday. I just happened to be home because of my horrible stomach bug

Heres what was in that lovely little box:

A really cute pink flowered hairband
yeah, I dont look thrilled in this pic, but its because I hit the button before I was ready lol

Some Burts Bees lip gloss (which I LOVE!)

showing some burts love

Some fab handmade Thank You notes
(Lacretia is a graphic designer, click here to check out her blog and get some PDF freebies)

An equally super fab Purse hook (i forgot to take a pic of this one).
I love purse hooks, and this one is great with some awesome bling :D

and.... (drum roll please)....

These lovely ladies!!

Its so funny because I had been looking for fingerless gloves for work. They tend to keep it arctic in my office, and I need somthing that I can wear and still be able to type.

me, playing with the "poloriod" setting on my camera phone

Frankly, with the weather turning cold here (well, as cold as it ever gets in FL), I barely take them off!

So, because of all of this "Glove Love",

Go glove, lovely glove.... Via (come back and check out my post about John Lennon that should be up later today)

and plus the fact that we're going to visit some family in Georgia this weekend where its going to be REALLY cold

I decided to whip up some mittens for the boys!

I made these from a pattern I found over at lion brand

The boys loved them! and I no longer have to worry about their little fingers getting too cold :D

The little green ones are Zachs, made with some leftover yarn that I got for $.75 from Big Lots

The orange ones are Edwards. Orange is his favorite color, and I had this yarn left over
from making crochet pumpkins for fall
Are you crafting anything for winter or christmas?

Stay Warm!!


Lacretia said...

I'm SO glad you liked your gift box! I can't wait to put up my post about yours! :)

phil said...

I am really enjoying your blog,great job:)

Ashley Hasty said...

Oooo I love your headband and your gloves!! They look toasty warm!

Your fellow CHWH Participant,


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great gloves and cute hairband- the little mitts are adorable.
Found you via the CHWH link page

Sofia said...

Gorgeous headband anc ute gloves1

Sofia, fellow CWHW swapper

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwwwwww i LOOOVE all the goodies you received!! the gloves are sooo cute and so is the headband!!

thanks so much for participating in the swap!!

Mandy said...

What a sweet package. Those gloves are super pretty. :)


(A fellow CHW<3 participant.)

Amy said...

I love the gloves you received & the mittens are so adorable! =)

- A fellow CHWH participant

Michelle-esque said...

I love the headband! It looks so pretty! :)

- Fellow CHWH participant
Michelle of http://michelle-esque.blogspot.com